Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!!!!! And a very crafty Christmas.

I can't believe it is 2010! We had an awesome Christmas, and a good New Years Eve. In fact December was one of the best Decembers I have expirienced in my life! "The gifts were handmade, not storebought, and often they were the same year after year.... It was easy in those days to give children something they didn't have. Almost any toy was magical then-- clothespin dolls and balls made by winding string around a core of rubber. And a thread spool rigged up so that you could knit with it, or a homemade Indian suit of fringed khaki with an Indian bonnet, likewise homemade, of mixed Rhode Island Red and Plymouth Rock feathers."

--From the Readers Digest "Family Christmas" and a shot from Christmas eve:

One of my favorite gifts that I recievedwas actually part white-elephant: Some old readers digest (1984, 1979) Christmas books and a book of Christmas fairytales! I have been enjoying all the stories, and craft ideas, and there is even directions to make your own manger! So our holy family will have nicer home next year! And part of my handmade Christmas, I made Isabel an "Olive" doll:
I of course made her with red hair, and I used material I used in their Easter dresses! Of course, like my previous handmade dolls, she is more of a decoration than a treasured plaything. :) I made Anastasia a new pizza as I ended up selling the previous one (and 4 others) that I made for her a long time ago. I was so on the ball then, and ended up finishing the doll and pizza on Dec. 23rd. And for my mom, the first of many I hope:

Russian nesting pouches!! I have had this idea floating around in my head for quite a while now, and finally made it. The smallest one is a lavender-filled sachet. I am hoping to perfect them a bit and sell them someday... but they take so-darn much time! but everyone will want them! For my dad, I embroidered handkercheifs:He uses kercheifs, and drives for Fed Ex and remembers fondly the days when my mom would embroider his kercheifs when they were newlyweds. Well, now he is set, and he will always know they are his should they get lost. No one wants the wrong handkercheif, thats for sure. And to say the least, Anastasia was quite excited Christmas morning: We spent a while opening our gifts around the tree. And I made some beds for each family of Calico Critters (which each girl recieved):
And after opening our gifts, Nick made breakfast and we went to my parents house for "dinner" and saw my brother, who lives in Montana. He gifted the girls with the game Elefun, which quickly became one of the biggest hits this Christmas! l0l. And I am certain my parents outdid us, and Santa (put together) with gifts this year. The excitement of the girls seeing family, opening presents and experiencing a magical Christmas was entirely priceless. I really hope I can preserve the true beauty of the season for them in our overly-commercial world year after year. And I really hope 2010 brings many blessing to you, and to all! Happy new year!!


Kelly said...

I LOVE the nesting pouches!!! Totally brilliant. You should make them into a pattern and sell the pattern in your etsy shop.
Merry Christmas!

Annie said...

Everything is so adorable!!! I too had an excellent month of December and holiday season. Lots and lots of hand-made and simple gifts were given and I am hoping for the same thing, that we can always keep the magic and simplicity alive around the holidays.

Happy new year!
p.s. I never knew how much FUN Christmas would be with a toddler!!!!!!

Clare said...

Kelly- Thanks! I have thought of the pattern idea actually! I just stink with all the technical stuff... but maybe I will look into it! :) That is the next step in my crafty agenda: pattern designing! Eek, sounds so professional!!

Annie!- Thanks! Glad you had a great Christmas! I hope Anja likes her new gnomes!! :) Its funny how the simple things are truly magical. Christmas in itself, is magical!

Jennifer said...

Clare you have made me a bit homesick for Virginia with your photos and posts. I love your photos and your ideas. Mar- doll nesting pouches - they are beautiful!!!! Just practice and you will get quicker at them. Calico Critters - I thought of getting them for Nadia who likes animals. For her birthday - Jan. 7 - I bought this treetrunk tent I found in Target.

We have room here for it - not sure about our house in VA though. Perhaps I can buy the Critters for Beatrice's b-day on Feb. 25th. Or maybe a girlie kite as I found an airplane one for Sebastian at a yard sale here. What do you think? As Beatrice won't care - she just wants stuff to chew on :)