Friday, January 15, 2010

Fairy Cute

I finally put the concept of peg fairies into action!! This has been a week in progress between making, selling, and shipping sets of gnomes. I think they are ADORABLE and I love them and I am making a set for Anastasia for her birthday too! The fairies will look so sweet on her cake with some mushrooms... don't you think?
A trip to Michaels gave me what I needed to make some mushroom table and chairs.

And leaf beds!!! This is my FAVORITE part. I had them in my mind and finally made them the other day! They are way cuter in real-life!

I made a cute bag, but I really need to come up with a better way to store them. It is really cute and makes a little home, but the pouch took more time and work than I am willing to put into something that I can't really market for too much money.... back to the drawing board I guess. But everything folds up so nice:

So I am SOOOOO EXCITED about this. Hopefully it will inspire you to make one for all your kids.... or buy one... from my shop :) Happy Friday! Pizza for us tonight! yum.


Kelly said...

You are so darn creative!! That is the cutest little set and so original.

Clare said...

Thank you so much Kelly! I am trying to make it quicker, easier and more sell-able! :)

Melissa Goodsell said...

This is so lovely - I adore the fairies and the entire set is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

You are amazing!!!!!

Clare said...

Thank you Melissa and Joanna! I already started Anastasia's set... see if I get it done by next Tuesday! ha!

Annie said...

I feel like I am totally ripping you off--I made some mushrooms for Anja's Woodland Folk that look almost EXACTLY like yours!!!!!!! They are made of felt and have those round building blocks for stems. You must think I am such a scumbag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!