Monday, April 12, 2010

Chick Love.

Our little chicks came today! Well, they arrived at the Post Office yesterday, and my friend picked them up! We picked them up from her today! They are really, insanely, cute. This one (above) is my favorite. She is quite spunky, but has the best coloring. I want her to be my lap chicken. I am still picking out a name for her.

We have 16 hens, and 2 roosters of 3 different kinds of chicken. The Buff Orpingtons are the yellow ones, that grow up to be gold. The reddish-brown striped ones are Partridge Rocks, grow up to be reddish brown. And the Light Brahmas surprised me, because they are black with a little white, and grow up to be white with a little black! Anastasia's favorites are the yellow Buffs. She calls them "the beautiful ones". lol.

She is not REALLY trying to eat the bird... or screaming in its ear, she is posing for my picture.
Ok, so our neighbors gave us a cage, and the smallest birds can actually squish through the wires and every so often I hear a loud peeping, and usually that means I have some escapees. These ones have successfully killed a dandelion.
Anastasia helped me, as I de-pooped some of them in a pail of warm water. They some times "paste-up" their little bottoms... and if not handled it can actually kill them. Anastasia took the drying, and snuggling very seriously. You can see her patient fell asleep in her arms. They do that a lot... it is so STINKIN CUTE!

And see the chick with his head in the air? They actually take a swig of water, and then put their heads in the air like that, and swallow it down! It is very, very funny to watch.

And Anastasia was certain this chick wanted to join her plastic animal menagerie. She may be right.

This chick is not dead, she really just fell asleep in my hand like that! If you don't hear from me soon, I probably died of cuteness overload! Eeek. I really wish they could stay this small and adorable! And lay eggs. That would be perfect.


Anonymous said...

...and then they grow up to be ugly old hens...

Clare said...

My chickens will always be cute and cuddly... even when they are big. And since we have roosters... I hope we will have more cute, cuddly chicks next year!