Friday, April 23, 2010

Finding Fairies

Yesterday we took a trip to the State Arboretum with my mom. Anastasia insisted on wearing her wings... and we went looking for fairies. There weren't any in the boxwood... although we enjoyed the little boxwood garden.

No fairies in the lilac bush... but it smelled wonderful... I am sure there were fairies nearby.We checked in the fairy trees along the conifer walk... they must have been sleeping high in the branches.We checked in the little pond... and found tadpoles and snails. We held the neat little snails and asked them if they had seen any fairies around. They didn't answer. But we found these cute little fairy children: And a lovely day was had by all! I am sure the fairies waited until we left, to play hide and seek among the dogwood blossoms and to blow the dandilion seeds into the wind. :) Magic is all around... only take the time to look for it. Life with a 3-year old is so much fun... Spring is new and amazing all over again.

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