Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A is for...

Alligator (who happens to be eating pasta) and apple
(both crafts from No Time For Flashcards) and our "A" lunch:

Apples, almonds, apricots (dried), apple-peanut butter sandwhiches and animal crackers. No one liked my yummy sandwhiches, but the rest was a hit... I cut the almonds and apricots into small pieces for Anastasia. I also made flocked letters:

They are a little wonky, but they are for Anastasia to teach Isabel the letter sounds, and how to draw the letters. They are my homemade take on Montessori Sandpaper letters which you can buy on Etsy here. I am just too cheap to buy them right now... I would rather spend my money on toys, fabric and books... and other fun things. There is also the space issue... we don't have room for any more "stuff" no matter how educational it might be! haha. I plan on buying a little box for the flocked letters, and perhaps little phonics bags with small objects in them. :)
I spent the weekend in a very, exhausted state... it was quite depressing really. I am feeling much better now... and we finished up our "A" activities on Monday, which ended with a baking of Apple Crisp with ice cream! We also did some pages in an alphabet sticker book, we watched movies about the letter "A" on Youtube from Sesame Street, and we even had an egg hunt closer to Easter (We have been stuck on A for a while) with small objects in the eggs that start with "A"! So now I am preparing for "B" with some handmade bears and Goldilocks.... hopefully I can finish the set today! It is nice to be out of the fog... but there is so much I left undone that needs doing! But right now naptime for all sounds like a pretty good idea! Happy Wednesday!

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