Saturday, April 10, 2010

Springy thingies

I have taken an unintended break from posting this week. Spring just sort of sprung and it was nice to enjoy not working on my shop, or blog, or having to deal with any commitments at all. We spent a relaxing Easter day at my parents and even had a little egg hunt for the girls! I was so proud of the Easter Bunny this year, only bringing each girl a chocolate egg, and handmade toys! Then, my mom, in her good grandmotherly way made up for EB's lack in the sugar department ten-fold! lol. Thankfully I finally tossed the candy from Christmas... and have a new stash of potty bribes. Isabel's favorite part of the egg hunt was throwing eggs at the cat. I was wondering what all those bright colored plastic eggs were really for.And make sure you have a hiking stick and boots before your egg hunt:Not only does Anastasia refuse to wear anything except dresses because she IS Snow White, but she also has informed me that she will not wear sandals this year. Only her boots. Her winter boots, adequately lined with faux Fur for warmth. We will see if she changes her mind. Isabel feels ripped off that she only got one bunny for Easter... and has decided to supplement with a more appropriate amount of sugar. I think she is just getting back at me for not sharing my coffee. She really loves coffee. It is quite scary. I wonder though, if I give my kids coffee, if it will keep them small forever! I keep telling them not to grow up... but it isn't working!
I made a new pillow last week after cleaning my craft room. It looks fluffy and nice, but it is hard and heavy... because guess what it is stuffed with? My HUGE stash of fabric scraps! I thought it was a brilliant idea! And I still think it is, I just hope my kids don't try and have a pillow fight with this thing! And I planted some Swiss Chard, tomatoes and peppers indoors and they are all actually growing! I took them outside for some fresh air on the 90 degree days we had. I have high hopes for our garden this year!

Today I made the Oliver + S Bubble Dress for Anastasia out of some fairy fabric (you can't really tell in this only picture I took):

It definitely turned out too big... but I am hoping she will get several years out of it, since it took quite a while to make. I made it in a size 4, she usually wears a 3T, but It would probably look nice in a size 2T on her because she is so thin. I have another one cut for Isabel, in a different print and may size it down a little. Hmmm. And, I made this adorable Birthday Play Set for a friend's special order:
It turned out really, really adorable. The colors look sweeter in person! I will have another one up in my shop this week! I also have a couple more new things coming! Whew, I really needed a bit of a break, to refresh my inspiration! So what have you all been up to in my absence? I have hardly had time to check my favorite blogs! I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend... and where the heck did summer go? It was here a couple days ago... and winter is back. AGAIN. ;)


Annie said...

Clare, this really has to stop. My fabric scraps bag is only about half full, but I am saving everything in order to use it as stuffing and feel really thrifty.


I feel like we need to see you guys again soon!

Clare said...

LOL! Well, one word of caution... it makes really heavy stuffing! A stuffed toy might be heavy as a rock and really hurt someone!

We *should* be out your way sometime in June! :) I will let you know... I have my fingers crossed for the week of the fiddlers gathering!

Annie said...

Aaaah!!! That would be so awesome!!!!!