Thursday, April 15, 2010

Forests Everywhere!

A little over a month ago, I bought a set of Tree Blocks. I ended up getting them for free, because I apparently recieved a "bad batch". But they have become a favorite toy around here... I find myself playing with them, and building neat dwellings with Anastasia! Sometimes I even set up a little scene before I go to bed for her to discover and play with when she wakes up! I find these little forests carefully built in little corners of our house.

They are really fun to make and build... and now I want another set of Cherry Blocks... which I will probably order from Magic Cabin.

This scene has been on her night stand for a couple days now! Somehow, when I see Anastasia playing with her blocks, and the gnomes I have made, and other simple, wooden toys for hours on end, the Waldorf method comes to life, and makes so much sense to me. It transforms an ugly set of cut pieces of wood, into a little wonderland for my 3 year old. Well it is just too pretty for me to sit inside any longer! I have a garden to water, and chicks to tend to! I hope you are all having a beautiful, magical Spring! :)

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