Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Cherry Pie and Stuff

Holy cow! We got a ton of cherries this year!! I think I pitted 12+ pounds of them! We are leaving for the midwest this week, and I needed to get them done! I made 1 pie, 2 strudels, some dumplings, 11 jars of jam, 4 frozen pie fillings, and 1 extra bag of cherries and juice. It was a lot of work, but worth every bit of it, I just LOVE cherries. The sour ones make the best tasting pies and jam!! Our house of course is a disaster. The laundry from the past week FINALLY got put away. I haven't packed an ounce. The kids are filthy. But I did make some more boxes as little surprises for our drive:

I made Isabel a little forest box. I am going to put a little wooden bunny and hedgehog in it, along with a gnome or two. I don't know how well this will go over or keep her entertained... but it sure is cute!!! :)

And I made a little fairy land for Anastasia. I made it for the Nimble Thimble Fairies and hope to make some more bendy dolls on our trip.

I think she will love it! She has been asking for presents and a cake for ages. I also found a couple nylon butterflies to add as well.

I also have some Color Wonder items, some flower fairy things, some new markers and gel pens, and all kinds of little things from previous trips that will hopefully keep things pleasant for a while. I hope to get a couple of coloring books printed out. Whew. So much to do, so little time!!!

And our well-armed neighbors are watching our house and chickens. So don't drop by or try to steal any chickens or you may never leave. lol. Well, so long my bloggy friends... we'll be back on the 20th! :) Hope you are having a lovely summer!


Mary said...

I LOVE those boxes! where did you find the boxes and how did you come up with that idea?! If you ever have any time to put some up for sale...!
Have a great trip! Safe travels!

Clare said...

Thanks Mary!! I picked up all the boxes at Michael's! I originally was inspired by the Polly Pockets I had as a kid... and was trying to come up with a little playset for taking along with us. also has a lot of neat boxes!

And I do hope to have some in my shop after our trip sometime!! It has just been such a busy summer, all my great ideas only make it so far! lol. :)

Annie said...

Funny that you say you were inspired by Polly Pocket... before I read that comment, I was coming on here to say that it looked like a cooler version of Polly Pocket! Haha! Way too cute, Clare. I am going to send you a facebook message right now with our phone numbers in it. Have a safe drive!

Jacqueline said...

the forest box is absolutely darling!!

-susanne said...

do you have sweet cherries or pie cherries?

Clare said...

Thanks! The cherries are pie cherries on our small, pickable trees. You can eat them plain... but it is a little intense!