Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A little crankiness

I have been really, really cranky. I have been feeling like I have a cold, but maybe it is allergies? I am worn down and congested and the congestion is upsetting my stomach. I have a cough in the evenings and my throat is dry and scratchy. bleh. As you can imagine, I haven't been really inspired to post. :(

The good news is there is a lot of good news:

We had a nice weekend with our friends Amy and Peter joining us for a little BBQ. I haven't really hung out with them in years!!! It was really great and completely nostalgic.

We picked out, and have financing for a simple, used Chrysler Town and Country mini-van. I have ideas to make it really nice and cozy inside with handmade pillows, throws and seat covers! Because, I have nothing better to do, ya know?! :)

We discovered another cherry tree in the woods behind our house... its on our land! yay. I made a tartly delicious pie for our weekend guests, and now there will be more! Many more! And I may even make some cherry jam depending on how much we actually get picked. Being sick in the sun and pregnant on a ladder is not where I want to be.

Nick has been working late, that isn't good news, but we are heading to the Midwest soon. I look forward to a little break and enjoying the company of family and friends (YAY Annie and Martin!!!) I have been watching X-Files to get my mind off of feeling crummy. Nothing like a little Sci-fi! Hopefully this bug or allergies or whatever will LEAVE ME ALONE so I won't have to resort to such measures. And I want to cut out some fabric... and GET OUT OF THE HOUSE. It was library day, but we have no car... my books are overdue, and ugh today as I had to print, scan and email important documents, my printer stopped working. I troubleshooted for an hour and a half, and found out the problem was my printer wasn't set as the default printer!!!! What???? I haven't had problems before. It was seriously messing with me. I think there are extra terrestrials controlling my printer...

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That's martian talk, for "ta ta for now!"

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