Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I have been in a whirlwind of summer activities since we arrived home from Indiana. I am loving summer in Virginia, as always, despite the lack of rain and insane heat. Iced coffee and watermelon are my dear friends. :)

For the past several evenings, I have been taking the girls out around 7:30pm to play since it has been quite hot during the day. We water the garden with buckets from the blow-up kiddie pool, feed and water the chickens, and watch the fireflies light up our field. It is really sweet seeing the kids enjoy the little chores of farm life that they can participate in. Today is the first day I am spending at home since we arrived back... I have so much to do, including folding and putting away laundry from our trip!! And hopefully I will get to the stack of crafts I have pooling in my mind! :)

On the note of crafts, call me crazy, but I am already planning out Isabel's 2nd birthday party which isn't until October!! I want to do a bird themed party since she loves "tweet-tweets" so much! Since it is a fall party, I am thinking of doing her party at a local forest and possibly including some owls in the decor because I think an owl party would just be awesome in the fall!!! :) Check out this owl party. I really need that owl pinata!! Anyhow... I was thinking of something more rustic than that party, but the wheels in my head are turning. The hardest part is whoooo (tehehe) to invite? For birthdays 1 and 2, I typically do just family, but this time, it would be fun to have friends to partake in the birdie crafts I have planned, and if its at the forest, I could have lots of friends come and it would be GREAT! :) Please feel free to leave any brilliant owl/bird party ideas or links in the comments, if you have any!!! Its going to be great!

Does anyone else become an extreme homemaker when they are pregnant? Because I am definately feeling crazy nesty, and finally, half way into my pregnancy, I have energy again!! Well, I hope you are having a nice week... time to enjoy a pretty day over here. I'm praying for rain and goats.

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