Friday, July 2, 2010

Independence Day Sale!

I am not the hugest Joann's fan... especially of our local one, but they do have great holiday sales of note. I figured I should let you all know that if you have your heart set on some McCalls patterns, they are 99cents this weekend (check your sales flyer at Here are my favorites: This seems like a bit of a Portobello Pixie knock-off, but I can't resist the cute peasant outfits on girls! McCalls M6062
And this one for skirts and leggings looks darling as well. McCalls M6066

And jumpers for the fall!! Do you see what I see? Wool Plaid and cute cordoroy. McCalls M6154

And because bloomers are all the rage these days (hehe), how about this set? McCalls M4505. You can check the McCalls Website for more patterns, that way you aren't sitting at Joanns, ready to fight the crazy old ladies for those pattern books. lol. Oh, and I will probably be one of those crazy old ladies someday.
The kids have been little terrors this week, except of course, the good quiet one in the womb! haha. I am trying to take it easy as we still aren't over our trip yet. I did finally write a list of all the crafts I want to complete this month! I am so behind in all the things I meant to have finished in April! But crafting until 2am is definately helping me check some things off. I haven't been sleeping well, because I have been having energy at like MIDNIGHT, and the kids have been coming into our bed, and elbowing and kicking us all night. Last night, I slept on the couch. And that isn't an uncommon occurance these days. I mean, I love the "family bed" and all, but ours is getting too full for anyone to sleep!! I am not sure what we will do when #3 comes along!!!!

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