Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Not For the Faint at Heart...

Yesterday was a bit dramatic over here. I am finally finding a nice rythm for our family. Anastasia finally started using the potty again (she hadn't been since our trip!). I finally made some new items for my shop, and had time to craft again. Life was FINALLY returning to normal... and then Isabel busted her lip. We returned from a great morning at playgroup, and sat down at the table to eat some melon while the bagels were toasting, and Isabel stood up (? I think!?) and reached across the table and her chair wavered, then she fell, hit her face on the table, fell back and hit her head on the chair and landed on the floor... in a pool of blood coming from her mouth. I had never seen so much blood... at least not in ages... or that I can remember! I could tell it was bad. I grabbed a clean kitchen towel (a new one at that!) and applied pressure through her screaming. I went in my mind about how I could apply pressure while driving her to the doctor... I just sat for a couple minutes, and as her crying let up, so did the bleeding. I looked at her mouth and her bottom lip was almost completely split in half. Stitches were inevitable. So, I picked her up, grabbed the bag and we all loaded in the van and went to Urgent Care. 2 1/2 hours and 6 or 7 stitches later Isabel was sound asleep in my arms. Poor baby.
Soft foods are the staple around her for the next several days. Anastasia was pretty thrilled about having ice cream for dinner! Isabel... not so much. After insisting on cheerios for breakfast this morning, Isabel was quite upset that she could not eat them comfortably. So we made oatmeal together and she ate a whole bowl. She really looks pathetic with her little puffy stitched up lip. Its so weird because it seems like a lot of kids her age have been breaking bones, and a lot of little babies have been getting surgeries or serious illnesses. So I count myself pretty blessed that it was something a little sewing could fix. As a mother there is nothing worse than seeing your child in pain. Thankfully Nick arrived at Urgent Care just as Isabel was about to be bundled in the papoose and get stitched. I had to walk out because with the pregnancy hormones and the lack of food in my system, there was no way I could handle being there. Anastasia and I sat in the waiting room, me bawling and Anastasia telling me "it will be okay Mommy. Isabel will be fine." Yes. Children are amazing. They are the hardest and most wonderful thing I have ever done.

We had a really mellow Independence Day. I celebrated by making pie with some of the apples I picked early last week and ripened on our deck. There were not many fireworks in our neighborhood, but we enjoyed a few from our porch. The kids definately needed some more down time. Hopefully I will be posting regularly from here on out! :)


Sumojason said...

We have had several split lips here. Thank God we did not have to have any stitches, but they did superglue it back together. Can you believe that?

Clare said...

whoa, thats pretty amazing!! I can't imagine superglue... that close to the mouth, it doesn't seem like it would hold. Not sure super glue would have worked for this slice... but it would have been less traumatic than stitches! ha.