Friday, July 30, 2010

Babypants and Stuff...

Its been a crazy couple weeks here between chasing goats and going to cute little girlie birthday parties. And then I was plagued a few days with a never ending headache (that did finally end) and for the past couple days our Internet has been fading in and out (mostly out) so I haven't really had time, energy or Internet connection to post anything. In the past week I have been obsessively making cute little clothes for our little boy, including his first pair of pants: I used Anna Maria Horner's "Quick Change Trousers" pattern from Handmade Beginnings. It is sized 3-6 months, but they look very wide to me... but with a chunky cloth diaper, that should be a good thing. I lined them with a cotton knit, so they are super soft inside. I fell so in love with the tree fabric (which I found at Joanns amazingly), and all its nature inspired (and not overly busy) cuteness. I am finding the boy colors to be more up my alley than pinks and purples and its nice to make really cute items for boys, because the stores don't seem to make a whole lot for boys.
And I couldn't resist putting goats and apple trees on the bum. I think these should be called his "homesteading pants". lol. Oh, and I should mention this is the first time I have ever sewn with knits, and at first it was a pain in the neck, but once I loosened the tension and stitched with a medium zig-zag, it got much better. That was after I sewed the uneven pockets on the knit side of the trousers:

They are reversible, but I think he will mostly wear them with the tree side out... unless he really likes it the other way... but because he probably won't, I will happily dictate his wardrobe since I am sure there will come a day where Darth Vader and Tyrannosaurus Rex's will be all he wears. Oh boy!

I haven't made bread in ages and then last week I needed (haha) bread. It has been too hot to bake bread in the evenings, so I refrigerated it after the first rise. Then in the cool morning I let it rise and baked it and ate it with honey, butter and a glass of fresh goat's milk. Yum. I think I should do it again soon.

And are those cupcakes not the best? My friend Andrea made them for her daughter's party we went to on Saturday! I thought they were the prettiest cupcakes I have ever seen! And they were really yummy too! And since the pictures of 3-year-olds playing with princesses in their panties were not quite appropriate, I thought these would give you a glimpse of the lovely fun of preschool girlie parties! :)
And we are trying to figure this goat thing out still.... and it is a TON of work. They found ways out of their barn and fence (as in when we fix one method of escape, they create a new escape route!) But the goats add so much peace and personality to our yard, and a bit of rhythm to our home. Not having to go to the store every other day for fear of running out of milk is really satisfying, even if the few cups I get each day are usually the result of a pregnant-lady vs. goat wrestling match... lol. I guess there is a learning curve... I just hope we find a method of containment that works and isn't a fortune to install, soon! Happy weekend everyone! Hope your weather is as nice as ours! :)

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