Tuesday, July 13, 2010

First Aid Kit--- Everyone should have one!

I have been meaning to set up a First Aid Kit for some time now. Isabel has been my recent inspiration and I call it my "Isabel Survival Kit"-- a kit to help Isabel survive herself. She is a walking calamity! I set up the kit on Friday, and had to use it Saturday when Isabel took a tumble down some stairs at a friend's party and scored a big bruise on her head and a scrape on her arm. It seems that injuries are just a part of childhood, so it is good to be prepared! I picked up the bag at Target for free with the purchase of bandaids, guaze pads and cloth tape. You could easily use any bag or make your own! I love this mini-first aid kit from maya*made! I might make a small one to keep in my purse/diaper bag in the future.
I still have quite a bit more I would like to add, but for now I have the following:
Bandaids in several sizes (I need to add some of those GIANT ones though)
Guaze pads and Rolled Gauze (I would like to have several rolls)
Cloth Tape
Alchohol Wipes
Splint Wrap
Bandaid Butterfly Closures
Hand Sanitizer (I love the Cleanwell Stuff, available at Target!)
Arm and Hammer toothpaste with Baking Soda (for Bee Stings-- It really works!!!)
Ibuprofen (will be adding a children's version soon)
Arnica gel (for bumps, bruises, sore muscles, etc.)
Calendula (this stuff is AMAZING on burns and cuts! It heals things like magic!!)
Tiger Balm (muscle pain, compares to ICY hot, but natural)
Anti-itch Cream and
Neosporin (not pictured)
Tweezers (metal ones will replace the plastic ones soon!)
Nail Clippers
I will be adding some Pepto Bismol tablets for adults and kids, a small bottle of Tums, aloe, hydrogen peroxide, athletic tape, rubber gloves, one of those cold packs that heat up instantly, and maybe some hand warmers. Epi Pens would be nice, since I am fairly allergic to bees. Haha, if it will all fit! Some other nice things to have around are clean rags for heavy bleeding, as I discovered last week (cloth diapers work great!), sunscreen, extra clothes and diapers and I have thought of buying some sort of candy that looks like medicine to trick the kids into feeling better. Sometimes just feeling like something will make you better does the trick! ;)
So that is what I now keep under the drivers seat in the van! It is a good size for throwing in a backpack for a hike in the woods or a diaper bag while on a picnic. Its one of those things I should have had a long time ago. Thank you Isabel for being my inspiration! ;) Something I would like to put together before cold/flu season (I don't believe I am thinking about this yet!) is a healing basket. I like the idea of a familiar basket that we pull out when we are sick or hurt with a few "feel better items" for the kids. I can see having a couple toys and books that are special for when we are feeling down. One of these days! But today I have things to finish for my shop! Enjoy your week! Hope everyone stays healthy and uninjured!


Nick-dog said...

My wife is a prepper!!!!




Clare said...

LOL I knew you would be proud sweetheart!



Julian Robb said...

Yes we should have this one wherever we go, at least we prepared for unexpected accidents or emergencies.

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Amber Mclette said...

A healthy supply of first aid products can prevent a minor incident turning into a major drama.
Wherever you are first aid kit is a must have.

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