Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Once Upon A Time

As I was cleaning the girls room today, and looking at empty walls and flat-surfaces, I was contemplating a "theme". Thus far it has been kind of foresty animals meet Ikea in red, green and blue... but now I am thinking a fairy tale bedroom would be just perfect for my girl who loves princesses, fairies and books. Anthropologie solidified my thoughts with this amazing room (found on flickr):I love the broad range of bold colors, and how it isn't too pink or princessy and would probably cost more to do than my minivan!! Of course, Anastasia is all too into pink and princesses these days. I could totally see doing a low-budget version of the above room. The colors are the same as the quilts I plan on making the girls *someday* using the Heather Ross Far Far Away fabric. Anyhow, have you seen the new Far Far Away II Prints:Sorry the picture is so small... see Heather Ross' blog post here, with much nicer, bigger pictures to feast your eyes on. I used some of my Etsy money that I made at Easter to buy a few half yards of the Far Far Away from last year in the same colors. I hope that *someday* I will make some pretty fairy tale quilts for the girls. And look at this room from TLC:Its way over the top for my taste, but kind of looks like Claude Monet painted it. I LOVE the mushroom lamp on the bedstand. And what little girl wouldn't feel privlaged to the highest degree to have such a room? And check out this bed by attiladesign on Etsy: I think it is AMAZING. Definitely more expensive than my minivan. I think I would put it in MY room! I think the kids would try to climb the trees. But really, this bed inspires me beyond measure.

So yeah, sometime, someday my girls will have some thrify, DIY version of the fairy tale bedroom. But if I end up with a boy this time around, I might need to add a few dozen knights to the decor. You know to balance out the fairy-princessness.

And then we would all live Happily Ever After.

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