Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The New Kids on the Block

FIRST OF ALL... I would like to mention the newest human kid in our household....... is going to be a BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! To say we are excited, is possibly an understatement. Actually, I had a feeling it would be a boy. But I have been preparing myself, in case I was wrong. BUT I WAS RIGHT!!!!!! AND WE ARE MORE EXCITED THAN WE IMAGINED. Of course, I get a little nervous thinking I finally got this baby thing down... as far as girls go... and now it is all going to change. Now about the other "kids". We finally "got our goats" this weekend! They are mini-Nubians, and are ADORABLE. These goats were a total God-send, as I have been really wanting goats, and we ended up meeting people (that we already knew and Nick went to school with), at a friend's party who were trying to find new homes for their goats as they are moving to Philly next month. We were still going to hold off until next year (our original plan) and then the local farmers we get out raw milk called and said they were drying up a cow, and we wouldn't get much milk. It seemed providencial, so now we have goats. Nubians are GREAT because their milk is thick and creamy. Sadly, TigerLily and I, are still getting the hang of it... lol. And, her milk is a little off-tasting. I think it tastes like bitter cabbage. Nick says its cantelope. Either way, I am hoping the new diet of our environment, will make the milk a little sweeter soon.
Sorry for the blurriness!!! The kids LOVE the goats. Anastasia leads the kid, Hyacinth, around on a leash and it really is adorable!!! Totally Heidi-esque. We will hopefully have the fence up soon, and a milking stand!

And Isabel got her stitches out today. Her lip is all better. Getting the stitches out was less traumatic than getting them in, but she still screamed bloody murder. And I recieved this fabric in the mail last week:

Available HERE. Can you believe how cut it is? I want more, and I haven't even made anything with what I have... I just never want to run out. Does that make me a fabric hoarder? I am starting to feel that way...
And Anastasia started washing the dishes for me yesterday. She has been asking to wash them for a while and I finally took the time to show her yesterday. I told her she can wash the morning dishes if she wants. I just filled the dishpan with warm soapy water, the sink with cold water, and gave her a washcloth and showed her how to scrub them. I hope this trend keeps up!!
So that is all the exciting news around here!!! Which is very exciting indeed!!! And to celebrate, we are having tacos for dinner, with fresh salsa from other people's garden bounty.

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Bridget said...

I LOVE the picture of Anastasia running with the goat! SO cool! Congrats all around on all the good news of the homestead!