Friday, June 4, 2010

Lemurs, vans, and blocks.

I am feeling so much better!! Yesterday I had a little energy, after my slump and it was great! My mom came over (as I was still without a car) and took us all to Wilson's Wild Animal Park! I forgot my camera, but the cutest things we saw were the lemurs: This picture does not do justice to how incredibly cute the mama ringtailed Lemur and baby were. The baby was so tiny, and rode around on his mother's back! Oh, it was heart-melting! Of course I am pregnant and hyper sensative to cuteness. Not only did my mom rescue us from sitting at home all day, she also brought us dinner, took us to Michaels, and took me to Dulles to pick up our NEW VAN!!!!! yay!!! I feel like I have graduated into the minivan mama club! I thought I would feel so lame, but it feels so good to drive our new (to us) black, 2006 Chrysler Town and Country!! It isn't too loaded or anything, but it feels so luxurious to me after the Jeep wrangler!! It is so nice to unlock the doors with a click, and great that I don't worry about slamming doors into other cars while unloading the kids!! And I still don't know what to do with all that space!!! My life is so much easier, and that makes me feel like a hip mama again. Minivan and all! Oh, and do you know what is AWESOME? The seperate temperature controls for driver and passenger!!! No more freezing for me, or suffocating for Nick. Yes, this is a good thing.
And I made these ocean blocks to go with the mermaids. No one seems to love them except me! I am not a painter or anything but I had so much fun making the little underwater animals! The sea horses and Octopi are my favorites!!! I enjoy making little scenes for the mermaids, even if the kids could care less about them. I was inspired by these AMAZING blocks from the Enchanted Cupboard on Etsy. You should see all of her other items! She even makes lovely boxes like the mermaid one I made!
Speaking of boxes, I picked up a couple more for our trip to the midwest next week. I have one for each girl with a specific theme in mind! I am hoping to make some for my gnomes and fairies in my shop when we get back!
And this picture is a random one from the beach... I am not sure why I love photographing Isabel from behind. I think its just the contrast of her hair with the rest of the world.

Today I am thinking of blowing up the kiddie pool. I got this fancy one at Target last year on clearance for $5 with blow up animals and a sprinkler. If I can find the pump, I will set it up for the kids because I want to take my sewing machine out to the porch table to get some sewing done! You should see my project pile right now! I don't understand how I can't get anything done as a stay at home mom! lol! I should be able to clean the house, make the beds, do all the laundry and dishes, and socialize my kids, cook 5 course meals, watch some crummy daytime TV, drive my minivan AND sew all my children's clothes. RIGHT? I was totally mislead about this staying at home thing... why don't I have any clean clothes and washed dishes? I am so glad it isn't the 1950's because I would have been the lamest mom on the block and all the other mom's would gossip about my unkempt house and piles of dishes and clothes everywhere! Yes, I am glad it is 2010 and I have a crafty blog where people can only see the pretty things I make and my adorable kids and not everything else! lol.

Happy Friday!


Wendle said...

I'd be the lamest Mom with you! I sometimes wonder why I have to stay up all night to get anything done.

Annie said...

I don't remember which popular craft blog it was, but someone posted and exerpt from a 1940's or 50's sewing handbook and in it was all sorts of advice about making sure the beds are made and chores are done before you start sewing. It said you should always be dressed nicely and wearing lipstick and have the dishes done in case your husband comes home unexpectedly! LOL!! It was too, too funny. Actually, I think the author of the blog was kind of offended by it... but I thought it was hilarious.

Also, only about two minutes before reading your post in which you made the comment about the separate air conditioning controls, I was sitting here huddled up in a sweatshirt and Martin (sweating profusely) was making fun of me for being chilly because it's 80 degrees in our house. (He's a liar, btw, it's only 79.) Here we are again, sailing along in our parallel lives!

Clare said...

LOL I am glad I am not alone!

Annie- I think it was Sew Liberated! I saw that too! lol! Were people really that crazy? haha. Its too bad we don't have seperate air controls for our houses too! LOL.

Jacqueline said...

I all too often feel like the lamest mom on the block. :) I wonder why it's so hard to be on top of everything, when we have all day to be at home. It's a mystery for the ages...
I think you're doing a great job, by the way. I admire you and other crafty mommies who not only take great care of their babies, but are able to create beautiful things with their free time, for their families and for extra money. A very Proverbs 31 quality, one that I strive to emulate. :)