Thursday, June 10, 2010

Last Minute Crafting

You know you are a crafter when there are so many important things you SHOULD be doing (like packing!!!), and you just have to finish that one project... one last thing before you go or you will feel incomplete. Well, this was my one last project, a travel coloring set. It is a bit lumpy looking thanks to all the crayons, but I think it turned out well. OH, and Anastasia picked out the lovely turquoise fabric for me to make her a rug for her dollhouse. I think she might like what I made instead (with enough fabric for a rug left over!) ;)
It looks so beautiful and quilted when empty, but with all the stuff inside it really looks a bit wonky. But a 1 and 3 year old won't care! I plan to make Isabel one now that she is asleep. It took about 45 minutes... and then I will pack and bake some cookies. In the left pocket is a "travel journal" I made for each girl:
Inside are pictures of places we are going, and things we will hopefully see, as well as some blank pages for whatever they are inspired to draw! I printed everything by loading pictures into Word from Google searches, and printing 2 pages per sheet. Then I sewed down the middle with the loosest stitch on my machine.
I also sewed a pocket in the back for stickers, and hopefully post cards and other souvenirs. I am glad Anastasia is finally able to understand more, so maybe the travel journal will be somewhat meaningful to her! It will be fun to make more of these for future trips, and look back on them when the kids are older!
Anyhow, I know you THOUGHT you had gotten rid of me for a while.... but really, I may not write again until we get back. If I can stay away that very long. Enjoy the sunshine!

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Jacqueline said...

safe travels, for you and your lovelies!