Thursday, June 24, 2010

Trip Pics

I didn't get as many pictures from this trip as I normally do. I don't really know why. It rained or was overcast the first several days. We went to hit up all of our local favorites over the weekend including Cabela's, Sanfratello's Pizza, and Gayete's Ice Cream. We saw all the family and old friends as well. The rain didn't stop us from taking our traditional trip to the city to the Lincoln Park Zoo. Actually, most of my pictures, sadly, are of animals!
And we didn't get to see the polar bear, but the girls seemed to enjoy the zoo. Thanks to the light rain and gray skies, the zoo was quite empty. The cooler weather made it more enjoyable as well. After our first day at the zoo, we enjoyed an AMAZING meal at Connie's Pizza. We eat a lot of pizza when we go to the Chicago region.

Anastasia enjoyed her grandfather (who she takes after so much) on this trip. As she gets older, our trips seem to gain more meaning.

We also spent a day in Shipshewana, an Amish and Mennonite attraction. It was mostly a dissapointment because it was a whole bunch of stores full of fake-country manufactured (in China no doubt), junk. Of course there were Amish people driving buggies everywhere, but was more of a tourist gimmic then a real Amish town. We did see some neat farms and there were a couple surprisingly great fabric stores. And some yummy "Amish" hand-rolled pretzels. It was an okay trip, but one of our real highlights was visiting Annie and Martin and their lovely little girls:Anastasia and Anja hit it off quite well. Isabel and Greta (not pictured) really enjoyed eating. And Annie and I had fun chatting, and taking an unsuccessful walk to a fountain that turned off just as we were arriving (grr). The boys went to the range and went shooting. A good time was had by all! And Annie and Martin made us steaks and watermelon for dinner. And now, I have to cook again and I sort of forgot how.We spent another HOT day in the city on Friday at the zoo which didn't last long. I enjoyed a trip to a nice fabric shop where I spent the little I had in my Paypal account. And we took one last trip into Chicago on Saturday. Anastasia wanted to go "in Chicago" meaning, one of the buildings that make up the city. We took her and Isabel to the huge, grande Macy's which was formerly the famous Marshall Fields. When we had gone a couple years ago, they had an FAO Schwartz inside the store adding to the excitement and marvel for a little one. But it has since been removed. But the huge candy store on the bottom level saved the day: Anastasia got to be a kid in a candy store, and I let her fill a little bag of candy for her and Isabel. It was a priceless moment. Can you believe some of the chocolate was over $50 a pound? Godiva was one of the less pricey candies available!! It was really, really amazing.

I was in love with these otters. I think they were in love with each other. We also went to Millenium Park. It was a blast:

We always take a family picture in the Skyscape (Big Bean).
It was hot and crowded but enjoyed a dip in the HUGE fountain they have:

And we took a long drive through flat cornfields and storms to get home. So glad to be back!!
It wasn't our best trip, there was a little drama, and I wasn't as energetic and excited as usual (thanks to baby #3, and a little constipation) but it was a fun time overall. Its nice to get away and have a renewed since of life at home. Again, I am SO GLAD to be home and getting back into our routine! I will be updating the shop some next week! :)

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