Friday, May 28, 2010

"down by the bay, where the watermelons grow..."

"back to my home, I dare not go..."We had a lovely camping trip, just my mom and I and the girls to First Landing State Park near Virginia Beach. The park is right on the bay, and apparently it is ideal to go before Memorial day, because we had the beach to ourselves! Anastasia just loved the water (like her mama!). She was quite the mermaid! :)

Isabel (who is modeling the cutest bathing suit EVER) was not to keen on the water until just before we left. She really loved the never ending sand box though!! Isabel just loved running in the sand. It was great watching the girls meet and fall in love with the beach.
I had not been camping since before Isabel was born, and that trip was an exhausting disaster! So I had my inhibitions, but the girls were marvelous! Isabel LISTENED. It was amazing. really. We picked the perfect campsite with really interestingly windy trees to climb over and under to get to our tent. It was also supremely located by the bathrooms (for pregnant mama and potty training kiddo!) and a short (unless you are with toddlers) walk to the bay. The girls really enjoyed the tree, and after our one-night stay Anastasia asked to go back to our campsite as we were on our way home. It was the perfect little slice of nature. We kept dinner simple (and gourmet) with a beach picnic of carry-out shrimp and french fries from a local fish restaurant. We happened to be eating just about sunset and caught some funny little ghost crabs. And our trip was completed of course with the blow-up princess bed:Anastasia did NOT want to leave this bed at first and go to the beach! And I had no trouble getting her to sleep at night!! A bit tacky, yes but totally practical. lol. We also enjoyed a walk in the enchanted forest on our second day:And of course with Monie, we always have fun! :) The girls enjoyed the bridges and the dragonflies at the hiking side of the park. They were pretty tired on the second day though. And the beach was really windy as well on Day 2. We headed home a bit early because sand was blowing all over and the wind was a bit chilly! I dropped my mom off and headed towards the mountains, only to see some lighting on the horizon. Nick called and said the storm was really horrible and that we should turn back and stay at my mom's house for the night. Anastasia was thrilled to watch the cat movie (Aristocats) and sleep in her Princess bed again, but she ended up in the queen size bed with Isabel and I due to the thunder storm that hit just as we were getting to sleep.

It is nice to be home today... but I haven't really unpacked. Instead I have been researching mini vans! I want to go get one this weekend in the worst way!! Please say a little prayer that we find the right one that we can get financed for!! :) I hope you all have a great Memorial Day weekend and remember those who died for the freedoms we can take for granted.


Martin Schap said...


Sounds like you had a blast!

-Annie (not Martin)

Clare said...

isn't it adorable? We did have a blast!!! Can't wait to be having a blast with you guys in another couple weeks!