Monday, May 17, 2010

Berry Busy!

We have been extraordinarily busy the past several days! On Thursday it was overcast. Again. So my mom and I took the kids to Richmond to the Children's Museum! The kids had so much fun for several hours. They played in the water, climbed through a cave, made beautiful masterpieces, played music, and worked on a pretend farm! We will definately be going back!On Friday the girls and I went Strawberry picking with a friend. It was really quite perfect berry picking weather. Not too hot, a little overcast and the berries were delicious! :) It was great going with kids who are my kids age, it really made it fun. There were horses at the farm, and my heart melted when Anastasia walked up to a horse by herself, put up her hand and the horse bent down to her and she stroked his face and mane like a pro. It was really amazing seeing a 3-year old pet a large horse as if she knew the ropes of horses. I keep wondering if horses will be a big part of her life...It was cute seeing the girls run in the fields and eat berries. I am loving the country life! We made 16 jars of freezer jam and some chocolate covered strawberries for dessert! Yum! On Sunday Nick turned 3...I mean... 31! We took a drive to Lost River State Park in WV so he could ride the horsey! Just kidding. We were looking for something more like this:
Natural, well kept, untouched beauty. We love this place. The girls enjoyed hiking and playing with caterpillars. One such caterpillar joined us for the ride home... not sure where he is now. Ooops. Hope you all had a productive fun weekend as well! :)


Jacqueline said...

happy birthday to nick! :) ahh, your girls are so cute! loved the pictures in the strawberry field. i haven't gotten around to picking strawberries yet...guess i better get a move on if i want any!
hope you're feeling well these days!

Clare said...

Thanks! Yes I think berries are in season for a couple more weeks, but some of the more popular spots might get picked out! I am feeling good overall!