Thursday, May 20, 2010

Mermaids, and babies, and Anna Maria Horner!!! Oh, my!

I finally got around to going to the Dr. today! Yay! Unfortunately I didn't particularly LOVE the Doctor I saw today and she never told me my due date and I forgot to ask. Thank goodness there is the Internet... I typed in all my info on several due-date calculators, and it looks like we are having a baby mid November. November 10th to be exact! Whoa, way sooner than I thought, but I AM EVEN MORE EXCITED NOW!!!!!!!!! I am however not excited about driving to the city 20 more times before this baby is born. I have become way too country now. I mean, I still have my city driving skills, but I would rather not use them. So, I decided to give bendy dolls another go. I needed to make something for the girls for our trip to the beach next week. And mermaid dolls were indeed a brilliant pick! After multiple bendy doll failures, I have been purchasing lovely dolls from Princess Nimble Thimble on Etsy. I highly (x500) recommend her dolls! Anastasia loves hers and they seem to hold up really well. Unfortunately I have to buy diapers, and lovely fabric for making things for baby #3, so I can't spend all my hard earned cash on cute little dollies for my girlies. So, I used the Nimble Thimble tutorial on Flickr, and lets just say, I LOVE THEM!!! Anastasia took her mermaids to bed with her last night. And that made my heart smile. :)
As you can see, I copied them ENTIRELY almost so they won't ever be for sale in my shop but I highly recommend you try them yourself! I also have a little play set I want to make for these gals, and a couple more mermaids in the lineup!
And Happy Mother's Day to me!!! :) I received Anna Maria Horner's new book, Handmade Beginnings in the mail today (better late than never)! And I have never been more excited ever to be pregnant!!!! I wish I had this book all along, and it is a good thing I am pregnant, because after getting this book, I would probably be motivated to get pregnant! LOL!!! 24 projects, sew little time! I am so excited to make the maternity tunic version of the dress on the cover! It looks flattering for curvy people like me, so I might make 10 of them! I want to be pregnant in a shirt I can LOVE instead of the annoying maternity clothes I have in stock right now!!! And check out Anna Maria Horner's Blog because she is such an inspiration!! 6 kids, 2 books, and beautiful fabric. What an amazing life!
Ta ta for now!! Time to slice some baguette and cheese and make a little fruit platter!! Maybe to enjoy on the porch. Thank you sunshine for coming back!


Annie said...

Aren't bendy dolls totally addicting?! I only bought limited supplies when I got "Felt Wee Folk" from the library, because I didn't know if I would so much like making them... but I DID.

And so funny you're mentioning that book--another blog I read (Homemade By Jill) has JUST been raving about it! She's already made the booties and the little hooded jacket and they are ADORABLE!!!!!! The booties especially!!!!!!

P.S. I started a sweater for Greta today. It's green. I'm hoping to work on it all summer and have it done by fall! Wish me luck!

Tina @ Squirrel Acorns said...

The mermaids turned out great!

Clare said...

Bendy dolls are addicting, now that I can actually make them!!! LOL. Your library gets all the good books Annie!! And good luck on the sweater!!

Thanks Tina! Your post inspired me! :)

Jennifer said...

Your faces look great! You did a wonderful job! You are on your way. I like the book. I will have to check it out!

Clare said...

Thanks Jen! :) Your dolls are such an inspiration to me!