Wednesday, May 5, 2010

these are a few of my favorite things...

Yesterday was my birthday! I am 26 now! I just thought I would celebrate, by posting a quick list of a few of my favorite things.

1. Little girls who dress up as princesses.
2. Our playgroup that is full of princesses.
3. Coffee and Chocolate like my brother sent me for my birthday.
4. Anna Maria Horner's fabric and new book... and giveaways where I might win a copy!
5. Anastasia's love for dresses and her new haircut

6. The fact that the chicks will be outside SOON because they smell. they are messy. they need to run around. their cage is too small. and they smell. but they are still cuddly.
7. The shrimp dinner I ate last night for my birthday.
8. New coffee mugs.
9. Lipton Iced Tea. Lipton is iced tea. No other tea makes such good iced tea.
10. The three bears (and goldilocks) that are FINALLY in my shop... sans furniture.

11. Summer. I know its still Spring, but it is finally getting warm... really warm and I just love it! Summer is Virginia.
12. Open windows and screened porches
13. Little baby plants peeking up out of the soil
14. Two girls who have been very good today.
15. Taking showers in our NEW shower.
16. Breyers Rocky Road ice cream... which seems to make my road more smooth.
17. Blogs where I can type these lists, and all you lovely people who read them!! :)


Bridget said...

You guys need to come over for a BBQ soon. Pick a Saturday, any Saturday!

Annie said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! Love the bears. Jealous of the chickens. And if you happen to see MY brother, will you tell him repeatedly that YOUR brother sent you coffee and chocolate? :)

I hope your day was fabulous!

Clare said...

Thanks Bridget! I would love a BBQ! I will let you know when we figure out the next few weekends! :)

Thanks Annie! LOL My day was fabulous!

Jacqueline said...

Happy Birthday! Glad it was such a happy one!

Kimara@weefolkart said...

These are adorable Clare. I love wood peg based characters. So easy for little hands to play with. I'll be linking on Facebook.