Sunday, May 2, 2010

Weekend Wanderings

Our weekend was relaxing and fun, with a few misadventures. We were supposed to have a cookout with some friends who were camping at a nearby National forest, but sadly they cancelled. Since my birthday is this coming Tuesday, we decided to make lemonade from the lemons, and enjoy my steak dinner a little early. So we went out to Logan's Steakhouse! Yum! The kids were good, the food was good, and we followed up with a drive to Elizabeth Furnace.

The girls enjoyed out first "hike" of the season, and a refreshing dip in Cedar Creek. We went home, took baths, had some strawberry shortcake and went to bed. And I cleaned the house. Then today, after church we decided to take a trip to Skidmore Lake... a place we had never been. It was past Harrisonburg, and after waiting a very long time for lunch at a cafe on the way, a pretty drive in the GW Forest, and a bit of a steep drive on a narrow dirt road, we made it to this isolated lake.

It was more of a fishing destination, as swimming wasn't allowed and there isn't a beach or anything. Just little paths to the edge of the lake from roadside turnoffs. It was so stunningly beautiful though, and the girls really enjoyed throwing rocks into the water... for a very long time.

The trip back from the lake was not so successful. On our way up the steep, narrow dirt road, we heard this flapping rubber sound. "What is that?" asked Nick. I stuck my head out the window, hoping it wasn't what it sounded like, "It sounds like a flat tire." Sure enough, the rear passenger tire was flat. Ugh. We drove to a safe, level spot and Nick changed the tire. We had one of those tiny spare tires that surely wasn't safe to drive all the way home (over an hour and a half away!). So we drove back to Harrisonburg, very slowly, and found one tire center open at 5:30pm! There was a nail in the tire, too close to the rim so we had to buy a new tire. And the tire place was having problems with their power, but thankfully we got our new tire, and were back on the road. We went to Five Guys for dinner. YUM. And stopped one other time to look at this covered bridge:

Overall it was a very picturesque, Virginia day despite our trials and the whining in the back seat. But can I just say 2 things. 1. I used to be so judgemental of people with DVD players in their cars, thinking it was such a pampered, spoiled thing to have... and then I had kids and I want one in the WORST way! LOL. 2. I was SO happy to finally be home at the end of our drive and I think we probably should have stayed home and worked on the garden and house instead of gallivanting around. :) But all is well that ends well I guess!

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