Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Work In Progress...

I have been meaning to make a waldorf style doll for a while and am finally getting around to it! My plan was to make it for Isabel's birthday which isn't until October, but it is going a little smoother than I planned. It is a slow process with a lot of sewing and undoing, and resewing. I am pretty happy thus far, except now that I am looking at my picture, her eyes are a quite uneven! Ugh. I re-did the eye on the right twice already... I think it is the left eye's turn!
Here are some tutorials I am using:
For the head I used Moonchild Studio's Tutorial. For the rest I found THIS flickr set. And SilverPenny's directions have proved somewhat helpful as well.
And I bought all the supplies from Weir Crafts. I really like how soft and sturdy the knit interlock feels! I had thought of using a white t-shirt, and dyeing it with tea or something... but I will just say, paying the extra for the actual doll making interlock is worth it. It really is lovely. Also, I have never stuffed anything with wool before, and I am thinking I won't stuff anything with anything else from now on! Its magical stuff! I haven't bought the yarn for the hair yet, and as I plan on making a crocheted cap I am a bit afraid to get to that step since I can't really crochet! Yikes! Oh well, I will post some inspirational doll photos later....
My pizza dough is waiting!


Annie said...

So great, Clare! Way better than mine. In fact, after seeing this post, mine (which is still in pieces in my "current projects" bag [overflowing]) might just end up in the trash. lol!

I considered buying the supplies form the same place, and then went the el cheapo route with using tshirt and bamboo stuffing I already had. I think it would be an easier project with the right stuff.

P.S. Have you seen this month's Mothering? All about cloth diapers and including a bit about EC method!

Clare said...

Thanks Annie!! Please don't toss your doll because of me!!! I will feel terrible forever!

The right stuff is REALLY worth it. The cotton interlock skin is much thicker than a t-shirt, and has a very tight knit making it really, really easy to use. Atleast buy that, and the wool stuffing and it will be much, much easier.

I have not seen this months Mothering magazine... but now I really want it!!