Monday, May 10, 2010

The Wandering Gnome

Meet the new little gnome in my gnome family! Anastasia calls him "Santa Gnome!" Remember when I bought the adoable "Gnome Some Traveler" fabric by Michael Miller a while back... well I finally made what I wanted to make out of it! A bag for the wandering gnome I have been meaning to make since way back when! The wandering gnome was my mom's idea and I really love it!
If you have not heard of the wandering gnome, maybe you have seen the Travelocity Roaming gnome, who has his own home on the web here! I think the idea of traveling garden gnomes originated from the French movie, Amelie. It is a cute, artsy movie, but I can't recommend it because it is VERY RISQUE! More than I can handle anyway... but the idea is brilliant! And after the movie came scenarios like Murphy's story throughout Europe and Australia. There is even a Gnome Liberation Front aimed at liberating gnomes from their "oppressive" life of gardening. haha. Thankfully my little gnome is free of drama, and you don't have to do anything illegal to take him on a few adventures! He also comes with a sleeping bag, leaf pillow, a mushroom and a journal.
This little guy, and his accessories are available now in my shop!! I hope you guys aren't terribly sick of gnomes yet!
On another note, I had a nice Mother's Day with a trip to the arboretum plant sale where I picked up some banana peppers, lollipop cherry tomatoes, creeping rosemary (I am thinking of planting this in a hanging basket so it won't die next winter!), and some Calendula. EXCITING!!! Then my parents, who went to the plant sale too, came over for a BBQ on the new grill they bought us for our birthdays!!! And my mom made me a yummy chocolate cake for my Birthday with Buttercream frosting. I love buttercream frosting!!! So it was a good day! Oh, and Nick cleaned the house for me and did all the dishes the night before! That was splendid!

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