Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Seamstress Bliss

Despite my weekend trials, my day was made yesterday by FABRIC in my MAILBOX!!!!!! The above it called Frolic by Wendy Slotboom (who also designed the fabric I used in last years Easter dresses!)! (ANNIE- Check out the possum fabric in the same line!) I ordered it from Hawthorne Threads who used to be Fabric Supplies on Etsy. They have cheap, fast shipping and I spend hours looking through their lovely selection. Ordering online always makes me nervous with the color combinations, but it is pure bliss in real life! I am pairing it with some Ikea fabric I have from a comforter for this years Easter dresses. And if I have time, I will make an extra for my shop!!!
And this is Gnomesome Traveller by Michael Miller that I bought from Lucky Kaeru fabric on Etsy (who made me a special order and shipped so fast!!! I highly recommend!!!). How insanely cute? It is for something coming new to my shop next week! And more My Folklore:

I ordered a bunch of this (in other color combinations) last year from Hawthorne Threads, and started to panic when I used most of it up. So I bought a bunch more. I have some dresses in mind... and who knows what else? I don't think there is anything as exciting than getting fabric in the mail, fully funded from my Etsy shop! It just so happens that I am frustrated with our local Joanns, their disorganization, terrible customer service, messy store, and mislabeled sale items and prices. I always come out feeling ripped off, wasting too much time standing in line TWICE with 2 small, bored, screeching children. And no public restroom to boot!! I don't always have a choice, but you can be sure when I do, I will buy my fabric from the comfort of my own computer... with a cup of coffee, kids playing peacefully (yeah, right!) and a bathroom down the hall. End rant.
So yeah... lots of fun projects, so little time! but looking at all my lovely fabrics inspires me beyond measure. :)


Annie said...

OH MY GOSH!!! I've got three prints of the possum fabric line!!!!!!!!! I got them out at our quilt store here, and one of them is what I made Pink-Pink's (Anja's doll) blanket out of! Are they not the CUTEST EVER?! I love ALL your choices. I really need to start mail-ordering my crafting supplies. What a happy package to receive!

Annie said...

Oooo, I also love the My Folklore!!!!!

Clare said...

You are SO LUCKY to have a nice quilt store nearby. *sigh* Of course, its not like I have that much time or ability with 2 kids to enjoy a fabric store. I am seriously considering a Joanns boycott! And I am addicted to recieving mail!!!

I am also glad you got some possum fabric, when I saw it, I thought of you!

Nic Wood said...

Hello, Im blog hopping today (and making the effort to leave a comment where ever I visit!) I came across your blog from a comment on Mel G blog. and it looks lovely. Im going to come visit again soon and sit down with a cofeee for a proper read!

Have a nice day
Nic xxx