Saturday, March 13, 2010

Etsy Easter Finds

Easter is only 3 weeks away and what better way to fill a basket than with some handmade goodies from Etsy!! Check out my new Egg playsets in my shop! I have 2 fairy playsets and intend to list 4 gnome playsets by the end of the day!! But, my shop is not the only one out there worth a good look for Easter goodies!
My dear friend Jen, recently opened a beautiful Etsy shop, St. Anne's Pixies. Her items are just AMAZING! She has such an eye for detail and gives her dolls such realistic expressions and models them off of real Saints. Above is the St. Zita Playset! Isn't her doll just lovely as can be? And you must check out her St. George in her shop as well! I am in awe of anyone who can make lovely bendy dolls! Above is a picture of a few of her fairies (that are more amazing in person if you can believe that) and a Birthday Playset! I have tried to make fairies like hers, and well, lets just say it was an embroidery floss disaster! For Anastasia, I picked up some of these darling bunnies from Imagination Kids on Etsy. And some cute hedgies from the same shop as well for my little Isabel:
Won't they look lovely with my gnomes? I am also in love with these bird and nest sets from Green Mountain Wee Woolies also on Etsy:
I of course needed some tweet-tweets for our bird enthusiast's basket, so I actually just ordered a few birds since we have a nest, and some wooden eggs already and she isn't quite ready for them. I also intend to pick up some art supplies, some chocolate bunnies and some more small items for sticking in Easter Eggs for a small pint-sized Easter egg hunt. Any ideas? I was thinking some stickers, some beads and strings for making necklaces, pompoms, buttons, and other art supplies. I am trying to deviate away from the chocolate and candy because we STILL have Christmas candy on a shelf in the pantry... and chocolate bunnies in the freezer from last Easter! I just hate giving out candy ALL the time, and when it is readily available, it becomes less special. Right now, candy is highly coveted, and therefore a complete, flawless treat, and an amazing bribe. So, that's my shtick.
I hope my ideas were somewhat helpful! What will be in your child's Easter basket this year?

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Jen said...

You can make bendy dolls too! But your gnomes are sooo adorable!! I love your gnome factory!! That is great!