Friday, March 5, 2010

Spring... so close... but so far away

It was warm-ish yesterday. My mom came over and watched the girls while I got a little bit of work completed for my shop. It was nice out with a chilly breeze, but close enough to Spring that we had to go to a park!
The wind wasn't blowing at the park, maybe thanks to the mountains. I realized how much I needed a little time outdoors. *sigh*

Isabel is our little leprechaun. Her red hair, her tricky personality, her Irish temper... the scrunch of her chubby cheeks when she is being silly. She likes being silly, and making us laugh. And she pulls a few tricks on us now and again. Oh, and she has an attraction to gold! I am thinking she needs a leprechaun hat!

Monie read several books, several times to the girls. Anastasia has been reading on her own a lot, or at least retelling stories to her animals, the cat, Isabel, or herself. We are beginning to learn our letters. Each week we will learn a new letter, do crafts, bake, and all kinds of other activities. I will try and post them here, as my other blog is a little defunct. I can only keep up with so many things! Sometimes I just have to let things go. That is just the way it goes with kids!
Speaking of letting things go, Nick has almost sold his mustang! A 4-Door vehicle is getting closer to my possession. And, me and the 'stang, we just never got along. I haven't driven it in years, and it looks like I might not have to drive it again. That being said, it was the escort of our first date, driving off on our wedding day, and many other memories. I guess I don't get that attached to cars. I do love my Jeep. But I am ready for something a little more family friendly! :) Well, off to doing more Spring dances.... and maybe strangling a groundhog. LOL. I. Need. Spring. NOW.


Jacqueline said...

Oh my...your girls are too adorable! These pictures make me want to go to the park too. Maybe if this warmer weather sticks around, we'll try to get to one sometime this week. :)

Clare said...

Hi Jacqueline! I hope you are getting some time in at the park this week! It is finally nice out here! :)