Thursday, March 11, 2010


We finally got outside today! The girls were finally feeling better, although they still have noses that never stop running. They enjoyed playing in the dirt with sticks and rocks. All those good kiddie things. I made them the skirts they are wearing last year. Its funny because I rarely put them on the girls but now every time they are clean, they are being worn! I also appliqued some birds onto these cute ruffly sweatshirts from Target! Isabel, of course got some birds on her sweatshirt:
She always has such a goofy look when I get her picture! She loves stairs right now! It was hard for her walking on our unlevel grass! She falls a lot, but doesn't seem to mind! And she spots "tweet-tweets" from a mile away! Its so cute! As grown-ups, we forget the wonder in simple things like birds. And then our kids point them out to remind us how amazing nature really is.
Anastasia got some swing-time in! I put a hedgehog and mushrooms on her sweatshirt. Its cute, but I kind of wish I put the hedgehog at the bottom edge. Oh well! She loves it! And she loves to swing! Its really neat to see her mix dirt and plants into "flower cake" and how imaginative she is this year, compared to last spring. I actually enjoy watching her grow up, and blossom into such a darling little girl (with attitude and a temper mind you!) I set up a few logs and branches, some flower pots and rocks to make a little outdoor play space:
I plan on doing more, but to the right is a little kitchen of sorts... or whatever the girls want it to be! And I made a little rock garden as well:
I surrounded it with bark and moss. Not sure what I am exactly going for... but I have some ideas! There are some small, 1 1/2 by 2 feet boulders in our yard that I kind of want to move over to the play area. It would be a perfect thing to climb or sit on for the girls. But a lot of work. Just carrying the fat round long started me into a coughing fit.

Spring makes me want to sew little kids clothes. I was thinking of doing a little kids clothes craft-a-long and make 1 or 2 items a week for the next couple of months. So by Summer I will have a whole wardrobe of handmades for the girls. On Monday I will post a couple tutorials or so (and *try* to include something boyish as well) and if anyone wants to craft some kid clothes along with me, I will gladly post some of your pictures on my blog (and link to yours if you like)! So that's it... maybe I will be doing this alone, which is fine, but this way, I have some sort of goal going on! Next week is going to be Easter Attire because I need to get these dresses made! I will look around for some tutes even though I am using the Portobello Pixie "Claire" pattern for the petal knot dress.

Well I have new ideas in my head, and hopefully they will become real life this weekend! I will keep you posted! :)


Annie said...

Your girls are freaking adorable, I LOVE their outfits. I'm totally inspired by your applique! Is it felt? Do you fold the edges under or zigzag them? I just discovered the zigzag on my machine YESTERDAY... and I'm totally hooked. I might have to rip off your idea to some extent... as I've been wanting to do since you appliqued the shirt for Anastasia last year or the year before!

Clare said...

So I appliqued with cotton fabric and some fusible webbing, and then zig-zagged on Isabel's birdies, and straight stitched around Anastasia's hedgie and mushrooms! It can be addicting, as then you can no longer have "plain" shirts without seeing greater potential! Good Luck! I can't wait to see what you make!

Jen said...

They are adorable!! I want to make some!

Jen said...
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John said...

Your daughters are so adorable! I love their skirts and the outfit you made for Isabel last year. I would so buy one if you sold them in your shop.