Monday, March 1, 2010

From the Fog

I meant to post something last night, but life took a different course. After selling out my entire shop almost on Friday, I spent the weekend making multiples of things, and getting packages together. We celebrated Little Red Whimsy's success with a trip to Sonic for milkshakes. Yay and yum!

3 hours later I tried to put Isabel to bed. She started crying... moaning... crying louder... and before long she was all out screaming and shrieking in pain! She would lunge forward and arch backwards and scream louder if I touched her tummy. Her hands were shaking. Something was wrong. I loaded her in the Jeep and headed towards the hospital. She then fell asleep on our way so, thinking she must have gotten over the problem I headed home. And when I tried to lay her down, it all began again... lasted about an hour on and off. The severity of the symptoms seemed to indicate something serious after a google search, so we headed back to the ER. She fell asleep AGAIN. But I was determined not to have it happen again.

I woke her up, half expecting her to start screaming. She was fine. She was happy as a clam in the waiting room, and completely cooperative and cheerful during the entire exam. I assumed the Dr. would think I was crazy and overreactive... but instead he thought it could be something called intussusception which could be really serious and require immediate attention, so he sent me to the larger Winchester hospital for an Ultrasound and X-Rays. He offered to have me take an ambulance, but I wanted to drive.

I was told to go STRAIGHT to Winchester, and that they were waiting for me. HA!!! I waited almost 2 hours to get in, while Isabel slept like a rock. We waited in a room for an hour, had a 40 minute long ultrasound, a quick X Ray, and were sent to wait in a room for the Doctor. 40 minutes later I took a nap with Isabel (who slept through almost everything) until the doctor came and woke me up and let me know Isabel was fine. Perhaps it was really bad cramps or a reaction to something she ate (maybe the strawberries in the shake?). I woke her to drink some juice and they let me leave at around 5am. What a long, long night. Isabel was such a trooper though! She was curious about everything and slept through everything else! lol.

I am so thankful she is fine. It was a little freaky seeing her in so much pain. And today I am in a total, sleep deprivation fog. I don't think we will be having strawberries for a while.

BUT on a lighter note, I did receive a couple orders of fabric that I ordered on Friday. It really made my day... along with a sweet note I received about my shop! :) Oh, happy day, to be followed by a very long sleep, I do hope!

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Jacqueline said...

How scary! So glad everything turned out to be fine..