Friday, February 26, 2010

Life Lessons from Snow White

Anastasia has been really into watching Snow White. She absolutely loves Snow White. We have it on loan from the library and being February, the worst month of the year, I have let her watch it more than usual. Did you know Snow White was the first animated feature film EVER? That must be why, it is so so so good. I was really worried it might be a bit scary for her, I mean the evil Queen wants to cut out Snow White's heart, but somehow it is less scary than the rat in Lady and the Tramp.
I think of all the Disney movies, Snow White has the most teachable storyline. Snow White is a beautiful princess with a pure heart and sweet disposition. The evil Queen is overcome by jealousy over Snow White's inward and outward beauty, which might be why she wants Snow White's heart (since true beauty comes from the heart). And can you believe that there is a scene of Snow White praying in the movie? You won't find that in most modern children's movies. She prays for the dwarfs, and for her dreams to come true, and for Grumpy to like her. Then, after many trials (like eating poison apples and dying) all her prayers are answered. How sweet is that? You might even be able to come up with a more philosophical parallel to Snow White eating a poisoned apple (like eating the fruit in the garden of Eden) and then dying and having her prince come to raise her up... Perhaps that is not something my 3-year old is ready for though.
And I finally realized what my kitchen reminds me of, I always thought it was Hansel and Gretel's woodcutter kitchen, now I know it is more similar to the Dwarf Cottage! Usually more similar to the Dwarf Cottage before Snow White comes and cleans it. lol. Anyhow, I think Snow White is my all-time favorite Disney movie now that I am an adult with kids. I secretly hope Anastasia wants to be Snow White for Halloween... I even have a pattern. I think she would look adorable with the dress... and a little red bow.

So now that all my lofty ideals of not letting my kids watch too many movies has gone out the window (it is the cabin fever, I promise!!!) I have gone even lower... and resorted to bribery. I told Anastasia that the movie is going back to the library next week and if she wants her own Snow White movie, she has to start going poop and pee in the potty all the time. I also have an ancient Snow White Polly Pocket from my childhood (along with 2o something other Polly pockets from back in the day when the little playsets fit in your pocket) that I might raise the stakes with on my bribe. Bad, bad mommy. I know. But all these diapers need to go!


Bridget said...

Clare - I feel your pain on the potty training! Patrick has very little interest in it - and we have had many failures. And he's our 4th kid! Go figure. Experience means nothing when it comes to each child as an individual. Ugh!

Clare said...

Hi Bridget! Haha, of course Patrick would be difficult eh? He is such a little Leprechaun, up to his tricks! Why are kids so stubborn?

I am wondering if I should buy the movie, and put it on a shelf so she can see it everyday... and I might even let her look at the box... as a lure to the potty! But part of me thinks that would be totally evil. But man, some of her diapers are pretty evil too. LOL!

Bridget said...

LOL! Evil diapers! Yup! I hear ya, I hear ya. And yes, of course it would be Paddy Boy! So frustrating. I'm hoping that Spring will bring not only a welcome change in seasons, but a fresh start to potty training this boy already.

Jennifer said...

I am impressed that she can watch it. Anything with any semi-menacing villain is off limits. The kids always get scared. They even seem to be scared during Chitty Chitty Bang Bang - but I think that is more Genevieve being a drama queen. I love your insight into the movie. I never thought about the fact that she prays. That is nice! Good luck potty training!

Clare said...

Bridget! I have the same hopes for Spring. I am thinking of letting the kids run around outside, diaper free and hope that will help. Who knows! lol.

Jen, I kind of feel it out a bit before we watch the movie, and fast foward through the scary parts. A. is really scared of the Sea Witch in Little Mermaid, and of the rats in Lady and the Tramp, but not the evil Queen in SW. Not sure why? I also try and prep her for what is going to happen if it gets sad or scary.