Friday, February 12, 2010


I made some veggies for the playmat garden out of polymar clay! I LOVE the cabbages. They are a bit imperfect, but I listed the playmat in my shop today. It took FOREVER to finish, I hope I can get faster and sell more... but we will see! :) I am also ready for my real garden. All my Cilantro is currently covered in 3 feet of snow and will probably be dead by the time it melts :( But I did order some heirloom seeds from Etsy. Yes, you heard me, Etsy. They have plants and seeds! I had no clue! I got a great deal... $30 for 7000 seeds or something ridiculous... now lets hope they do well! I *plan* on saving more seeds this year... I successfully saved and produced second generation Cilantro, arugula and lettuce from last year. I want to try tomato and cucumber this year. I will probably see what my variety looks like, and buy some plants at the arboretum plant sale in May. If you live local, you must go. They have everything and it is very inexpensive! I can't wait for Spring. When Isabel wakes from her nap... we plan to build an igloo.

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