Monday, February 1, 2010

The New Old Table

I posted the mushroom table that is now for sale in my shop, so I wouldn't have this ugly picture at the top of my post:

The "BEFORE" shot. We moved Isabel's crib in from the shed, and there just wasn't room in the girl's room for their Ikea table and chairs. I was sad at first, because I loved their room the way it was, but the table is much more useful in the corner of our kitchen. The only thing, is that it was kind of ugly without the lamp and toys on it. So I fixed it:
I have been holding onto this forest fabric for years. I bought it to decorate Anastasia's "nursery" for the whole 3 months she had one! lol. And I still LOVE it. I have curtains made of it, a crib comforter and even a couple pillows. It is a discontinued Michael Miller print, and I am SO GLAD I spent money when we had two incomes to buy several yards of it. I decoupaged it to the table (that is a fancy way of saying I glued it) with Mod Podge. I then put 2 coats of ModPodge on the top, sanded the edges (the modpodge made the edges of the fabric really pokey) and painted the rim. It took about an hour total. And it looks so sweet! I also made a boring old corkboard into an art display:

Another easy project, only I made it complicated. You don't even need glue (I found out after a couple tries resulting in the wanky edges). Just cut the fabric about 1/4" wider than the board, shove it under the frame with a butter knife, and staple it down in the corners. 15 minutes tops! And Isabel spent most of the night in her crib! Our bed felt so big last night.

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