Saturday, February 6, 2010

Snowed In

Call it what you will, snowpocolips, snowmageddon... it is just amazing. A real, bonafide blizzard. In case dear snow, you hadn't heard... this is Virginia. 3 feet of snow is really more that we can take!

We were in the snow for a total of 15 minutes before the kids realized 3 feet of snow is really hard to walk it. So for the past 2 days, we have really been "snowed in". Kipper the Dog on Netflix has been very kind to me as has our wood stove. So I have had to be inventive to keep things indoors exciting. My mom bought Anastasia this foam house at Michael's. Perfectly sized for fairies:

I am not usually a craft-foam fan, but this house is super cute in a tacky, Valentiney way. I took the back off so the dolls could go inside. I put it together, and did the shingles, but Anastasia decorated the rest. Just because we were indoors, does not mean we can't celebrate the snow!!! So during Anastasia's nap we made a little snow-themed sensory box:

I want to say that I saw a similar idea, somewhere around Christmas! If this was your idea, let me know... I truly believe in giving crafty credit, where credit is due! And then my friend Wendy on facebook gave me this idea:

If there is too much snow for little ones outside, just bring some inside! I filled my dishpan with snow and the kids played in it for at least an hour... together. Just beware of snowball fights! They played mostly with the kitchen items and made ice cream cones. Tomorrow I intend to do this again, and teach Anastasia how to build a mini-snowman! I also plan to shovel a little play area outside for the girls so perhaps we can make an igloo, and tunnels and forts and things!! I love snow! And even so, I have never been so glad for it to stop snowing as I was today when the sun came out! I hope you are all having a safe, warm, cozy blizzard with running water, heat and electricity (otherwise you wouldn't be reading my blog right now!) lol. :)

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