Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy St. Valentines Day!

Five years ago, Nick proposed to me. My, oh my, how far we have come! ;)
I finished these cookies at 1 am last night. Nothing says I love you like some last minute felt cookies with embroidered sprinkles. Or, chocolate chips made from french knots. I have been wanting to make these berets for a while. Of course, I had to make them the night before:

Now I want to make myself a flower brooch to wear... maybe a project for the way to church? We will see.

I surprised Nick with some heart-shaped scones for breakfast, and handmade whipped cream. The whipped cream also accompanied some hot cocoa after we made this:

Our snow igloo... or what you will. ;) Hope you have a happy, pink and red, Valentines Day with all your sweethearts! :)


Nick-dog said...

I love you. My only complaint is that we couldn't get married that day!


Jacqueline said...

My husband ran across yours and your husband's blogs through (of all things) a search on Jotul stoves! :) He told me, "you have to check this out, these people are just like us!" We live near Shepherdstown, WV, have a 10 mo. old girl, a part husky dog, and heat with wood stoves alone (both Jotuls!) I really enjoyed looking at all your beautiful work - such neat toys!

Clare said...

I love you too sweetheart!!!

Jacqueline- Thanks for finding us! I did check out, and try to comment on your blog, but it didn' show up!! Your photography is AMAZING. REally. Just stunning. I am totally in awe. That is so funny that you use Jotuls, have a huskydog, and live similar lives to us! :) And not too far away on top of it. Shepherdstown is so beautiful with an adorable downtown. Maybe we will look you up next time we are out there ;)

jacqueline said...

Oh, thanks so much. :) I really enjoy fooling around with the camera.
As I've been nosily perusing your older blog posts, our list of similarities has continued to grow. I laughed out loud when I read that you also used to work as a barista before you got married! :)I was a barista right up until my husband and I got married. Best job I ever had, (after being a housewife and mommy of course!)
Yes, Shepherdstown is great, (though not quite as much fun during winter as it is in the warmer months!)

Clare said...

Oh I loved being a barista... miss it sometimes, especially in the winter. It was so cozy to have all that coffee around, and everyone coming in to warm up! :)