Thursday, February 4, 2010

Out On A Limb

I can't believe all this snow we have been getting!!!!! I feel like I live in Vermont or something! I really love it, but I hate the cold... so being in our house by the warm fire and a cup of coffee while looking at the winter wonderland is supreme! Anyway, its amazing how one small re-organization leads to multiple inspirations and craft projects! Above Isabel's crib, where she actually sleeps (this is still a new phenomenon to me! lol), the wall was bare, so I added a couple of Isabel's favorite things:

"Twismas twees" (Christmas trees which is her word for all trees and lights) and "tweet-tweets" (birds). I saw THIS mobile at Spool's blog before Isabel was born, and wanted to make one but never got around to it, nor did I have a good spot for it as she was in our bed or her Moses basket. Then Meg at Sew Liberated (the first blog I ever read... and still love!) put a bird branch on her wall!! And I forgot about it until the other day when I saw a bird branch mobile in a Target coupon book (ispiration has many sources!) and this is what I did the day the girls had stomach bugs during movie time.
It really looks better in person, I just don't get enough natural light in that corner! I really want an SLR camera... that would make my pictures nicer. But my point and shoot is great and it is what I have to work with! Some day. Maybe when Little Red Whimsy makes me a millionaire... or atleast a hundred-thousandaire. Thank goodness dreaming is free. :)


Anne said...


I would keep an eye on Craigslist for SLR cameras. I got an 800 dollar camera for 300 bucks, just because someone was upgrading.

It was in perfect condition, was repacked in its original box, and had only been used for less than a year.

Clare said...

Thanks Anne! I will keep my eye out on Craigslist! Great. Another thing to be addicted to looking for! LOL. just kidding. :) THanks for the tip!