Thursday, March 18, 2010

Every Time I Look Away

This little trouble-maker is on the table.I have to keep the chairs on top of the table.
But I usually have less wasted leftovers. After her 2 bowls of oatmeal, she climbs up on the table to finish whatever Anastasia didn't eat. Oh, and right now she just pushed a small chair to the utensil and knife drawer... Better go save her life again. :) Its almost Friday!


Jacqueline said...

this gave me a good chuckle...she looks like she keeps you on your toes! my baby took her first steps this week (she'll be 1 on april fool's day.) life will never be dull again!

Clare said...

Yes the adventure of toddlerhood has begun for you Jacqueline! :) Life will never be the same! Isabel does things Anastasia never even thought of! lol. I thought I had this parent thing all figured out! Good luck and have fun! :)