Saturday, April 26, 2008

Hot Chocolate in April

It is Sunday and I am enjoying a cup of hot chocolate as I write this little update. We spent the morning and early afternoon in old town Alexandria. We enjoyed walking around to all the boutiques and upscale furniture stores... and of course my favorite kiddie store, "Why Not?" Would you believe I already started planning out my Christmas gifts? We also stopped at Whole Foods to stock up on inexpensive, organic and gourmet foods. This is the one thing I miss the most about Glover Park... living around the corner from a Whole Foods Market. The weirdest thing is, their organic food and local produce is less expensive than what I pay at Giant or Bloom! I also picked up some of their delightful cannolis and the cashier asked me what cannolis taste like. I don't know? They taste like cannolis silly.

Despite all the chaos of the week and the week to come, I was able to make my Emmaline Apron. I recieved the pattern Tuesday, cut and began sewing Wednsday and finished it up on Thursday. I love it! It will match my new house and will be good to clean in once we get the key!!
I don't really know what this photo is all about... but it makes me die laughing when I see it.
Here we are celebrating Earth Day with a little nature walk. We picked up rocks, blew some dandilions seeds about (and Anastasia kissed a dandilion) and learned about sticky balls that stick to your clothes! Speaking of Earth Day, did anyone else get really mad at Walmarts stupid earth-friendly commercials? They basically tell you how great it would be to buy Silk soy milk, Sun Chips, and organic cotton pants at Walmart because those products help the environment (and they really do). The thing that gets me is all the waste that Walmart and their products puts out every day, and the gas/emissions to ship them, and the chemicals they use to preserve them. Not to mention that 98% of their products are designed to break or go out of style within a year so you have to toss the old one and buy a new one. On top of that, the commercials do not even speak of what Walmart itself does to better our world or environment except to sell cheap crap to people while leaving the mom and pop out on the street. I guess the point is that Walmart out of the kindness of its heart to our earth, provides us with organic stuff in order to put more money in its pocket. Its nice to know that Sam cares about us and the world our kids have to live in.

I have also been spending the small amount of free time I have discovering new blogs and some I just HAVE to share. Like Softies Central. I think when I have a craft room and a life of my own, I will make some little softies... and a little world for them. All for Anastasia of course. Not because I am addicted to cute and crafty things great and small. ;)

I don't know when I will have a chance to post again with a busy week ahead of us, but until then, I hope everybody has a great week!


Bridget said...

Hope all is well with your moving adventure to come! Love the picture of Anastasia and Leah! That's great! And don't dis Wal-Mart too much!!! I love Wal-Mart! They freaking ROCK! And so does Target, by the way! I don't know what I'd do without these modern conveniences!

Clare said...

Yeah we have a big week ahead of us! Pray all goes smoothly!

And I agree, I thrive off of my local coorperations. It just bugs me when they advertise about the how you help the environment by shopping at their store without mentioning anything they do as a multi-million dollar coorporation to help our planet. Thats all.