Monday, April 14, 2008

Ideas for a church-bag?

I am trying to come up with creative ideas for a "church bag" for Anastasia. Yesterday I brought crayons and some index cards and books to church with us. I try to avoid the Out-of-control-kid room (aka the crying room) at all costs. Anastasia spent almost 5 minutes drawing and then 20 minutes taking her crayons out of the box, and putting them back in. She did so well with the exception of a meltdown during the last five minutes.

So now I want to make her a bag/basket just for church (and other settings where I need a VERY well behaved child) with some picture books and toys she doesn't play with everyday. If anyone has any ideas please let me know. Everything has to be quiet and not-messy. I just want her to learn to sit quietly for one hour. I don't feel the crying room really teaches a kid how to act in church and there are always several out of control kids (5 and up) that really don't belong in there.

I will let you know what creative items I come up with!


So I found a few great resources to share with any of you other craft-and-idea-obsessed individuals, who like me find children to be a wellspring of creativity! First, I found an article of organizing church activities here. The author keeps seperate activities in ziplock bags just for church and grabs a few to go. I also saw these lovely book kits for sale, and am inspired to make my own with the pattern from Mother Earth News. Lastly, I found a pattern for making "I Spy Bags" which look really nifty! I think I might come up with my own. I also purchased a sketch book, some colored pencils in a tin (which might actually be too loud as she shakes them) and an animal book at Borders. I want to hit up Dover for some small coloring books and sticker books. I remember the little $1 books that kept me occupied for HOURS. Maybe the same will hold true with my little munchkin. I also stopped by the dollar store for some plastic braclets, some princess figurines and some butterflies, some notepads and jungle animals from Michaels, and a fresh set of crayons and a magnetic doodle board from Target. Hopefully these will entertain her!

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