Monday, April 21, 2008

"Gray Rainy Day... Down in the Mud For Us...."

So today was "one of those days." I try not to give this title to any day to early, because I feel labeling a day automatically condemns it. So when I woke up to an unhappy tummy and a sink of dirty dishes and headed out the door into the rain, I assumed it was an okay day for running my errands. At Borders I ran in to get some coffee... and ran into an old acquaintance that I purposefully avoid at all costs. I tried to turn around and run, but was definitely not fast enough (and far from being sneaky enough.) Then after purchasing my iced coffee, adding my milk and hint of sugar, I set it on the Jeep while I put Anastasia in the car seat. I didn't think about the coffee again until I was heading into Target wondering where my coffee went. It must have gone SPLAT right off the Jeep. Still, I was not having a bad day... just a few unfortunate events.

All went well at Target. Anastasia played with my cell phone and ended up dropping it in the bottom of the cart while I was checking out and I made a mental note to grab it when I loaded the bags into the car. Well I remembered to grab it when I was in the back corner of Michael's. Ugh. So I ran to the check out and ran to the Jeep and sped back to Target praying for my cell phone. The cart-guy who is very friendly and entertains Anastasia to no end had thankfully not brought the carts in yet!!! there it was in the bottom of the cart. So once I grabbed it, and got back in the Jeep it started pouring. It was one of those moments that it seemed God was holding off the rain until I got my cell phone. phew. By the time I got home late in the afternoon, the dishes were amazingly still there. Anastasia had fallen asleep so I tried to lay her in the crib where she woke up. As I put my groceries away on the tiny bit of shelf space I have (thanks to my dad's obsession with Sam's club) a huge pile of cans fell off the shelf, into the basket of clothes (that I hope were dirty) tipping all the clothes onto the floor. What a mess!!!

Two hours later I finally finished washing every last dish and took out all the collecting bags of trash. I then tried finishing up this felt book I was sewing for Anastasia's church bag (which worked brilliantly mind you) and broke 2 needles trying to make button holes!!! I was so mad I just went and made dinner. After dinner my day vastly improved. Anastasia took a little cat nap and was in a good mood, and we all went to Joann's where I found my needles, some fabric for my apron (I got my pattern today!!!) and some pink felt.

All was not lost... but it was still one of those days. I was so happy to find Anastasia loves dried fruit and she ate her green beans (and even some tomatoes and zucchini) at dinner. Getting her to eat healthy things always makes me happy! I love it when people say, "I can't believe your daughter eats that!!" I am always so proud. But she goes through phases so one day she might eat leafy greens, bananas and oatmeal, and the next day she just wants bread. I am also so happy to have my apron pattern!!! Hopefully between all the packing this week, I can finish it (and the other 5 projects and 3 books I am reading). *sigh*

Oh, I also updated all "My favorites"... I added Ben and Anna (who are in Italy and haven't really posted much lately, though I am dying to see pictures of Gravagna and their beautiful kiddies!!!) and Annie (Ben's sister whose blog I am addicted to even though I have never met her... and who posts tons of pictures of her adorable baby girl!) :) and I added links to Montessori by Hand (a fellow crafter/Montessori teacher who has really lovely patterns... especially the Emmaline apron) and lastly I added the Crafty Crow (the most awesome kids craft site EVER!!!). So check 'em out and let me know if you are a stalker with an awesome blog for me to add!


Annie said...

I just checked out the Crafty Crow! Love it!! I looked at the idea for the "Lookie Loos" and saw her inspiration, the water bottles filled with glitter. I'm totally going to do that for Anja! TODAY!! We have a craft store downtown that's slightly creepy and kind of overpriced, but I bet they have glitter and I bet it's not expensive. And I can get a bottle of water from City News (the oldest News Stand in Indiana and, sadly, going out of business) and I've already got food coloring. Hooray!

There were other things on there that were so clever too, and simple. It makes me look forward to when Anja is older and she and I can do crafts together!

Clare said...

I know! Isn't the Crafty Crow the best? I am thinking of doing the water thing too!! I may have to glue gun the cap on as Anastasia is getting smarter! She has a weird obsession with waterbottles already. I too can't wait to do crafts with Anastasia!!! We will have to do a craft-a-long where we do the same crafts at the same time and share our results!!

There is also an older site that is no longer in service that has some neat crafts:

Bridget said...

Crafty Crow is really cool! They have TONS of really creative stuff on there! Thanks for sharing that site!

Bridget said...

Oh, and you're really brave to take Anastasia out on a crazy rain day like we had! We got dumped with rain!

Clare said...

Glad you liked the site!! And we didn't get dumped with rain on Monday like we did while we were in Lowes on Sunday!!! Holy cow!! It poured a little after I rescued my phone, but other than that it was okay. But hey, thats why I have my gas-guzzling, earth destroying Jeep right ;)