Monday, April 7, 2008

Weekend Adventure

Here is Anastasia with her mischievous look about her. I finally found her a sunhat for the summer.

We had a semi-productive weekend. I feel we are just passing the time until we get into our house!! On Saturday Nick, Anastasia and I hopped in the Jeep and took a ride our to Leesburg, Va. We picked up some Bad Ass Coffee in Manassas on our way out. Leesburg was quaint but held a few gems. I fell in love with this Cottage Antique Store with really shabby-chic antiques and incredible prices (especially for antiques). I fell in love with a green dresser-mirror combo for $198. Solid Wood! If only I was in the market for one at this point in my life. There was also a fun little thrift store called the "Resourceful Woman" where I found a few treasures. There were also several antique stores, including one that had a huge cage full of beautiful canaries! I really want a pet canary that sings sweet songs. They sound like a nice Spring morning. *sigh* If only they weren't $100 a piece maybe I would own one! After our walking tour of Leesburg, we also took a drive to see what else was around and then went home.

Sunday was even more of an adventure as we are currently in the market for a new dresser for Anastasia. I suggested we go to some estate sales as it was cold and rainy and whenever we go to estate sales that is how the weather happens to be. I found 4 sales in the paper and figured that our dresser could be at any one of them... if only I knew what would take place. The first sale was great! Everything was 1/2 off... but no "safe" dresser for a little girl. The second one was a little sketchy as it was a small shack of a house with junk all over the yard and a sign on the door reading, "Go Away! I can't do this anymore!....Don't steal Peter's stuff!" Lets say a person with a shotgun behind the door would not seem out of place at all so we high-tailed it out of there. House number 3 was labeled as being in Alexandria but was actually in Arlington so we drove 30 minutes to Alexandria to find nothing. Then we decided it was Pizza time so we went into DC for some Armands. That made the whole trip completely worthwhile. Then on to house number 4 that was actually in Alexandria. As we were nearing Audabon Road we saw some large, nice town homes and were hoping for something of the same... instead we found a classic, 1960's Virginia trailer park. Anastasia was already grumpy but since we had come so far, Nick ran in to confirm our suspicions. Nothing worth our while. After church in Woodbridge, the day was still young so we made a stop at IKEA and found a lamp, some baskets, cutting boards, 59cent glasses, and some vanilla frozen yogurts making our day a definite success of sorts.
On Friday I picked up some polka dot fabric to make aprons for Anastasia and I. Now I am in love with the Emmeline apron by Meg at Montessori by Hand. I am not in love with paying $12+shipping for a pattern after spending $15 on supplies and needing to spend at least $10 more! That is almost a $40 apron... as cute as it is. Thankfully my mom suggested buying it for me for my birthday... and as Nick said last night, once I get my mind set on something... I have to have it my way. :) So I can't really help it that I have to have this apron!!! Unfortunately my apron project will be on hold until my mom orders me and we receive the pattern. In the meantime I am planning on embroidering and sewing some produce bags out of some muslin I bought at the store. It should be a quick project with a goal of using even less plastic bags at the grocery store. I hate being wasteful!! Hopefully this week will afford me some time.


Annie said...

For Christmas my best friend's mom got all her girls (and me) blue loosely woven bags to use as grocery bags. They are so cute! I will use it for the Farmers Market but at the grocery I always get plastic bags because of the dog poo we're always needing to clean up.

Nick-dog said...

Yeah, plastic bags are great for Dog droppings!


Clare said...

Yeah I don't miss those neighborhood friendly dog clean ups. :) When we lived in DC, someone put up this sign pointing to a pile of dog poo stating that he was really mad because he stepped in that pile and had to clean his shoe, his car mats and his rug or something... it was really funny. Poor guy.