Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Good Morning Baltimore!

My mom won free tickets through Wash FM radio to go see the Broadway musical Hairspray at the Warner theatre in Washington DC! So we went to go see it last night and it was GREAT! How can someone not just LOVE this musical?! I think I will be singing "Good Morning Baltimore" for the next two weeks. In fact, the soundtrack is so upbeat and fairly wholesome, I may add it to Anastasia's music collection. Baby Einstein gets a little old now and then. The first and only movie I took her to see was when Hairspray was in the theatre last summer and she loved it. She didn't fuss a bit although I remember having to dance off to the side with her for the last few songs!
The live show with LIVE orchestra was superb! The cast was perfect (I guess that is what you get with Broadway) and I almost died laughing a few times. My only qualm was the huge number of sexual inuendos that left me so embarassed I am sure my face was beat red at times... and I feel I am usually pretty good at ignoring things like that. Sometimes I didn't know wether to laugh, or cringe! The movie version was not nearly so bad! But who can beat a live performance? The catchy songs, the whimsical and almost tackily silly props, the live performers dancing the night away, and even an explosion of confetti at the end... it was so emotionally charged I couldn't sleep by the time we got home!
And as lucky as I am to have had such a great night... I am still envious of Nick going to see the Pope tomorrow! I keep telling myself that Anastasia would not be content with all the traffiic, lines, waiting, and then a huge, long mass to sit through... so it would probably not be that great of a time.... but it is still the Pope and a historical event at that. So I will just be happy for my husband, and watch the mass on TV with Anastasia and all her toys. :)
I have quite a bit to do today... get dressed, fold and put away laundry, start packing boxes, work on the little book and bag I am making Anastasia, stop by Goodwill for some more items for the church bag, and eventually make enchiladas for dinner. I am thinking I might start making adventure bags for kids to sell on Etsy. They will be themed age-appropriately for city travel, beach, mountains, camping, forest, etc., and have destination appropriate coloring books, new crayons, little toys, maybe an educational book, binoculars, magnifying glass, bug box, a journal, etch-a-sketch, Bingo or I Spy games for the road, sand pails, etc. all in a matching themed bag. Maybe I could even ultra-customize it by adding kid-friendly maps, scavenger hunts and travel books for specific locations. *sigh* the wheels in my head just never seem to stop turning. 2 weeks from now, I should have the key to my very own craft room... then there will be no stopping the insanity!!!! Wahahahaha!

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