Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Story of Stuff

I was a little side-tracked while working on my resume, and came across The Story Of Stuff video. Definately a bit disheartening, but the movie's simplicity and humor make it an enjoyable watch. Take some time to watch it.

Speaking of stuff, I stopped by Goodwill for their "Dollar Day" and for $12 I bought a new summer wardrobe (5 t-shirts and a skirt), and a tank top for Anastasia, a onesie, a nice hard-cover number book, and a sweater for my mom. I also went to the consignment shop and found a sun hat and a couple outfits for Anastasia. This all courtesy of "overpaying" taxes last year. So needless to say, I shouldn't need any more summer clothes!! Now if only Nick would let me spice up his wardrobe with second-hand finds.... :) I think after I finish my resume I will make a list of items we need for our new house that I can buy used and try and find them on Craig's List and at local yard sales. That is my contibution to the environment (and my bank account). The danger about good deals is buying what you actually need as opposed to excess "stuff". That is why my parent's house is a jungle of junk.

Remember, Reduce, Re-use and Recycle.

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