Saturday, April 12, 2008

Greener Giving

Today Anastasia and I went to a nice baby shower for a friend. I am a total perfectionist because I had to color coordinate the gift. I bought The Very Hungary Caterpillar by Eric Carle because it is Anastasia's favorite book (alongside Owl Babies) and has a big green fat caterpillar on the front. To match I bought a little green romper that reads "Smile" in similar green, red, yellow and orange as the book. I decided to be extra resourceful and make part of the gift because I feel handmade items are so timeless and usually much nicer than toys you find in a store. I found an adorable, little washcloth gnome tutorial here. I used fabric I had on hand: fleece and calico dots for the hat. Anastasia loved it so now I have to make her one! Then, I couldn't find a bag in my stash that matched, so I made one... so not only were all my items colored green, the bag and gnome were even earth-friendly green as the bag is reusable and I made them from scraps of fabric I had on hand. I am just experimenting with hand embroidery (I don't believe in machine embroidery) and I was very proud of my little gnome stitching. So my gift total was $12 + tax for a very green and really nice (if I do say so myself) gift. And the recipient seemed to like it as well... that is important too I guess. :)

Details of gnome and stitching on bag:

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