Sunday, June 8, 2008

First Paint

I wanted to share pictures of Anastasia's first experience with paint. This was our first time doing an Unplugged project and I was really happy with the fun we had! Not only was Anastasia inspired by our fine art reading... I finally finished painting all her little peg people as inspired by the Crafty Crow and Colorfool. These are so reminiscent of the Fisher Price Little People I had as a kid. Anastasia has played with them non-stop since I finished them. I put a layer of decoupage paste over top of them to protect them from dents and dings. You know what was weird too? Nick's dad found a real Fisher Price little person under the water heater this weekend!
Anastasia did really well with her first time painting. She really just liked squishing it in her hands and playing with the sponges.
She took more care with the water colors as I tried to teach her the routine: water, paint, paper. I was really impressed at how well her first water color painting turned out:

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