Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Run Around

Last week was terribly busy! I feel like I just ran around all week! This week is proving a bit more sane (thus far) with our only commitment being our first ultrasound on Thursday! I am excited because we have decided to find out if it will be a boy or girl (if they can even tell). I kept thinking it was a boy... but now I keep having dreams that it ends up being a girl... so I have been harboring thoughts of another cute little girl to dress in pretty little girly clothes and the sisterhood the two girls would share that I always wanted as a kid. Either way, I am almost 26 weeks and VERY excited! I can imagine life with a baby... but trying to imagine baby + toddler is beyond me.

I took Anastasia to toddler story time last week at the library. She loved it! Aparently a group of mom's with toddlers meets afterwards at the park so we might check that out this week. I have also been trying little activities with her. I made her some magnets by glueing magnets to the back of buttons. She loved playing with them. We also dyed vanilla pudding different colors and let her go to town. I let her play in a plastic tub of water with boats I made out of plastic cups, playdough and a straw holding a paper flag. She tore them apart and just enjoyed the water. I also got a bunch of jars, bottles and lids and she spent hours fitting the right lids and jars together. I have a book that any parent of toddlers should buy called "The Toddler's Busy Book" that has 365 activities for little munchkins. You can often find it on a bargain rack at Borders or Barnes and Noble. I might try a few ideas out of there today in order to get some sewing done.

I started reading Barbara Kingsolver's Animal, Vegetable, Miracle which seems to really suit my life of country living quite well. She writes about her family's one year commitment to live off of local foods, most coming from their very own farm. I am totally inspired by the romantic side of farming that she portrays... because quite honestly I am a total sucker for fresh produce. She is very preachy at times in her book, and doesn't seem to realize that not everybody happens to inherit a fruit orchard in Appalacia, Virginia. All I have to say is nothing beats a fresh cherry pie! I look forward to having a garden next year and trying my hand at eating as locally as possible.


Bridget said...

Clare, life with a toddler + baby isn't that bad. The key is getting Anastasia ready for the new baby and talking up all the positive sides of her new role as "Big Sister". I know it's hard to look at little Anastasia and think of her as a big sister, but you can help her through this transition. I think the hardest part is nursing the newborn while you have a curious toddler needing your attention. A good thing to do is keep Anastasia involved and make her genuinely feel a part of her new baby sibling's life. When you nurse the baby, have Anastasia come sit right up next to you and the baby. It won't always work out so nicely, but she'll appreciate the invitation and REALLY appreciate that Mommy still wants her right there with you. After the initial "getting used to" this new person in your house, Anastasia will feel comfortable around the baby. The key really is to make sure you keep her involved. Talk about the new baby with her and be open. Newborns need alot of attention, but so do their potentially jealous older siblings! You'll do fine. I know it's scary. I know all the thoughts we had and different fears we had when expecting #2. But you do get through it. And as long as Anastasia still feels special, you'll have no problems!

Clare said...

Thanks Bridget! You are so encouraging! I pretty much know everything will work out... but sometimes just imagining the big #2gets a little overwhelming! Especially with a very high-need toddler. :) Thanks for the advice!!

Bridget said...

I hear ya! And every kid is different in how they react to the new baby. I know you will do just fine! You're a good Mom, and you will know exactly how to handle your little ones in just the right way when the baby comes!