Thursday, June 5, 2008

A Room for a Little Girl

Here are a few pictures of Anastasia's finally finished room. It took me about 10 tries to get these pictures uploaded due to a crummy connection! I love her bed! It is perfect for reading stories in and snuggling up at the end of the day! I feel like a princess in it and it isn't even my bed! All the pillows shown were handmade... the big ones were old dingy pillows made over with left-over curtain material. I made the small ones for the nursery we never really had. Either way... Anastasia and Leia have so much fun jumping all over the bed.
I love this little table and chairs. Almost everything pictured is from IKEA except the bunny picture, the random toys and the following bookcase.

This bookcase was mine as a kid but I refinished it as it used to be almost black. Its much more fun now.

Hope this is somewhat inspiring. :) It is 6:30 am and I woke up around 5:15 and could not sleep. I am NEVER up this early so it is a rare treat to have this much me-time. Nick's parents are in town for the next few days so we are heading to the hotel soon to bum showers and a free continental breakfast. I wonder if that is legal?

I was reading about BPA-laced water bottles last night and am very sad to say my faithful Nalgene is among the many toxic bottles. I have used my trusty Nalgene for 5 years now... and it is still as strong as ever. No apologies from the manufacturer for poisoning me for 5 years, only warnings from health professionals about how EVERY water bottle now jacks your endocrine system. I would be totally sold to any company who would offer a buck off a new BPA-free bottle for trading in your old bottle to be recycled. Unfortunately I haven't found that company yet. So what now? I was thinking of switching my devotions to a Swiss company called Sigg. The bottles are stainless steel and keep beverages cold longer with super trendy designs (you know that is what it is all about). The price tag is more than double that of a basic Nalgene but I think they may be easier to drink from. Nalgene does now offer a BPA-free line of plastic water bottles... but I may be sold out to steel. Because I am afraid of what they might find in plastic next.


Annie said...

Aw man. My nalgene is all about Green... it says "Refill NOT Landfill" on it. do you think that one's made with poison?

Annie said...

P.S. Anastasia's room is ADORABLE!!!!!!! I especially love the curtains and matching pillows. TOO CUTE!!! And I love the bedspread too, did you make it? It's beautiful!

Clare said...

Yeah I think all nalgenes made before the new Nalgene Choice water bottle have BPA in them sadly enough.
I think chemicals are released mostly when they are dishwashed at high temps and get really hot. I think it is more potentially hazardous to young babies and kids (via sippy cups and bottles). Almost all plastic bottles and cups have the chemical in it.

I didn't make the bedspread... I bought a bedspread cover at IKEA and covered my childhood comforter with it. Glad you like it :)