Monday, June 2, 2008

Time to Paint

There is a new awesome website I HAVE to share called Unplugged. Every week a new theme is posted, and a craft project (generally too advanced for A.) which you can participate in. I have stalked the site for a while and decided now that things are settling down a bit, to participate in some of the themes/activities in such a way that appeals to a 16 month old. Its sort of like pre-preschool. This week's theme was "PAINT" and so today I made a smock for Anastasia for finger painting tomorrow! We also checked out some books from the library with famous paintings and a few fiction books with painting themes. So in light of paint, I wanted to share one of my favorite paintings by Vincent Van Gogh:

The cafe scene. Every time I see this picture I want to be there. I actually have this picture framed and was inspired to seek out the painting and hang it in my kitchen today. I also wanted to share this book, Looking at Pictures by Joy Richardson. I borrowed it from the library and I have learned quite a bit by reading it. There are a lot of really interesting tid-bits about classic art work. I would highly recommend this for older kids (who can read really well) and for younger kids to look at with you.

Other than that my life has been pretty busy. I finished Anastasia's room today so I will post pictures of it soon! I spent all day trying to fix my sewing machine that wasn't really broken (apparently I put the needle in wrong). We worked around the house all weekend, had a cookout at Andy and Heathers and saw Billy, one of Nick's friends from college.


Bridget said...

Man, you guys are all over the cookout scene these days! Sounds like things go well for you guys in the country! Glad to hear it! It was fun catching up with you guys when you were here! Must do it again sometime over the summer!

Annie said...

Would that be Billy WEBER?

Clare said...

Bridget-We had such a blast at your place! I am so ready to have our first cookout here... just waiting on the bathroom to magically come togethere! lol. We seem to have more friends here than Stafford. thats for sure.

Annie-Yes that would be Billy Weber! lol you know him too I take it? what a small world