Saturday, September 20, 2008

Life for me

Its been a busy few days and I think this baby is coming early. Maybe that is wishful thinking about how uncomfortable I have been feeling at times, but I really have this feeling. And if she doesn't come by her due date (Oct. 3rd) I decided to go ahead and be induced. I was induced for Anastasia for supposed "medical reasons" and the labor and delivery went very smooth so I am hoping for the same... whenever, however she comes. :) Plus the due date would work out well with Nick's work schedule and my mom's (who will be watching Anastasia). I feel like picking a day for my daughter to be born on is a little like cheating... but thats okay. At the last appointment I was already 2 cm dialated (which I figured) and I wouldn't be surprised if I am a little further now. I just can't wait to meet her!

Thursday I cleaned my Jeep after a trip to Fairfax for the doctor, a trip to Whole Foods (no Emeril for a change) and one last trip to Joann's (it might be a very long time before I make it there again). It took me 3 hours to wash, dry, vaccuum and clean months of toddler toys, crayons, crumbs and other nasties out of the Jeep. But as any pregnant woman knows, when you get an inclination to clean something, it MUST be done. And I cleaned the whole house yesterday.

Today my mom threw me a little shower with some close friends and family. I got a few final items I needed (20 bibs!!!!), as well as had a yummy cake and other good food (a number one priority for me right now). Everyone brought a freezable meal. Anastasia enjoyed HOURS of undivided attention and I even went to a HUGE community yard sale on my own while my mom watched her. I rarely go shopping without her, and as much as I am in love with my daughter, it was really nice to shop on my own for a change. I found a few great deals and went to my favorite consignment shop and found some shoes for Anastasia so we are pretty set for the fall/winter. And with the woodstove almost ready I feel like I can handle this cooler season.

I will try and get a pic of my big belly tomorrow...


Bridget said...

Picking the due date is fun! ;)

I did it with my last 3 kids! It worked out great! Although, I would have had Teresa born on the feast of St. Teresa of Avila on Oct. 15th, but Dr. B wasn't doing c-sections that day, so I had her on the 16th! Katerina's due date was tricky, as I missed the entire 1st trimester because I didn't know I was pregant! So Kat was a 6 month pregancy. Because I didn't realize I was pregant, they were ify on the due date. Some dates said late February, and one of them said March 3rd. I hate February, so I chose March 1st! Patrick was due September 12th, but I had abdominal muscle issues with that pregnancy, so he had to come 2 weeks early on Aug 30th. Nothing wrong with August! :) My only c-section that was NOT planned was with my first born, Michael. His due date was July 4th! He decided to come on July 6th. After laboring for 17 and a half hours, I ended up in surgery to get him out. He was "distressed". So, 4 kids, 4 c-sections.

Clare said...

Yeah is is kind of exciting! I was thinking maybe I should change it to Saturday the 4th (St. Therese's feast day) since Therese will be her middle name. I don't know if they do inductions on Saturday though.

I don't envy you all those C-Sections though! Yikes. I think surgery really scares me because I have never really had any (aside from my wisdom teeth getting yanked!) But some people swear its easier! Just so long as the babies are healthy :)

Bridget said...

Well, the part where the baby comes out within 15 minutes is totally easy! Recovering from the surgery is hard though. But I have no idea if it's harder than recovering from a normal birth. Normal births are ideal, but c-sections, at least in my case, are necessary. It can be scary while you are prepped for surgery, but I'm kind of a wimp about those things anyway. You'll do fine when your time comes! I'll pray for a safe delivery!